Involving the cats

We made some popsicle stick ‘cards’ a while back, because everyone knows that’s waaay cooler than a regular pack of cards 😉

Anyway, the cats just LOVE getting involved when we’re playing card games. There are four main ways they ‘help’:

  1. Lying on top of the cards (admittedly this it the least helpful thing they do XD)
  2. Being a glorious buckaroo that adds extra tension to the game
  3. Helping to pick my next card (Pecan’s speciality)
  4. Refereeing the game

The cat buckaroo was my favourite!

Enzo picking cards was hilarious (he would use either his nose or paw!) but then I’d be lost when he walked off and I had to resort to picking them myself again!!

The lying on the cards forced us to take a necessary break – too much concentration and tension is bad for the brain, and could mean we go on to forget something important, such as feeding the cats!!

Enzo did drag a card off a few times. It seems 3 is his favourite number, same as his mum!


Also, cats make very good referees 😛



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