Big adventure, little dog: part 1

I have no idea how many parts this adventure will be in. There are 72 photos and a video, so probably quite a lot XD

Today we planned such a huge expedition with Pixie. It involved taking the bus, walking back along the beach, and following narrow country roads back to our village. We were out for over 3 hours!!

For Pixie’s first experience of a bus we bagged her and jollied her along on the bus ride. Waiting at the stop and seeing lots of people was a walk in the park, but I initially thought we were going to have to call it off as she was trembling like crazy and refusing treats on the bus!!

We stuck it out and within a few minutes the trembling completely stopped, she was happily snuggled on our laps, and she didn’t mind people getting on.

Ten minute bus ride over we climbed off and it was time to explore a new area.

A totally new area was a great time to practice some loose lead walking…here we are approaching the beach, I LOVE this photo that my partner took ^__^

Pixie’s first time seeing a horse, especially up close!! Few huffs, recovered quickly 🙂

Looping onto the ‘beach’ (it’s a beach, just with grass and no sand XD )

As soon as we got a little aways from the road and car park, we dropped Pixie’s lead 🙂

Ah so much happy zooming!! We practiced some recall  but mainly just enjoyed the freedom; the weather was perfect (sunny with a strong breeze), and despite people, other dogs and, in the distance, an injured sheep, Pixie was easily able to go off lead.


At this point we realised we’d reached an impasse: a giant channel of water going as far out as possible, so we literally had to turn and walk all the way back!!

Before turning we stopped for a water break!

Heading back the long way hahaha

This walk is so beautiful. I cannot be blamed for taking so many photos!!

End of part 1; I have more Pixie-focused pics in the next batch(es).


2 thoughts on “Big adventure, little dog: part 1

    • It’s a bit of a farce to get to as we don’t drive, but if we can get Pixie tolerating the 10 min bus ride it would mean we could do the walk weekly which would be *awesome* as we all love it 🙂

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