Brawn did his first binky…

…and it sounded like the roof was falling in XD

To give you an idea of how much bigger he is than an average sized rabbit, here’s a back paw/foot next to my pointing finger!

Brawn is an incredibly easy bunny to have about. I mean like, seriously easy.

He met the kitties for the first time today and did really well with them. Enzo wasn’t too alarmed, just moved away if Brawn came too close. Pecan was willing to go closer, and didn’t hiss or swat if Brawn went right up to him, but even he stayed about a foot away and watched Brawn with suspicion πŸ˜€

Brawn has been home a few days so far, and today he was free-ranging around our living room for eight hours!!

He’s just so easy; he’s litter trained himself and didn’t do a single poop outside his tray, he gets along with everyone, he accepts Pixie’s movements and loves running under her belly, and he hasn’t even tried to chew anything ‘naughty’. Wish the rest of my pets would take a leaf out f his book!!

This absurd heat has really wiped me out today. I didn’t get much sleep and I’ve had a migraine all day – uuugh! Why is it so warm in September?! It should be about 15*C and instead it was 29*C yesterday!

My sleep pattern is immensely screwed up thanks to mood episodes, heat and illness. I’m assuming we’re nocturnal again.

I have some semi-exciting plans for Pixie ahead, but won’t talk about it yet as I want to see how it goes first.



9 thoughts on “Brawn did his first binky…

    • Pixie does a great job ‘helping’ me clean up Brawn’s poops hahaha and Pecan just HAS to check out anywhere and everywhhere!! It’s lovely seeing the four of them hanging out together πŸ™‚

    • Really lucky that the four of them get along so well πŸ™‚ I can’t believe how warm it’s been these past few days, it’s bloody September!!!

      Ahhh that link’s adorable! Definitely need to make her some shoes like that XD

    • Aw thank you, he’s a lovely sweet giant πŸ™‚ It’s hilarious just watching everyone interact – you hear a thump from behind the couch and ask “Was that the cats, Pixie or Brawn binkying?!” XD

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