Julius K9 review

I had a Julius K9 years ago for Kasper, and I didn’t like it.

It slipped about as he walked, it didn’t seem very well made, the clip broke after a few months’ use…I was not a fan. We already had a DoxLock harness and, as my partner said, the Julius K9 felt like a knock-off DoxLock!

I bought one recently for Pixie because the strap that goes around her front can be adjusted, which should mean the rear strap sits further away from her armpits. She’s half Dachshund so finding harnesses that accounts for her long body is a nightmare!

And on top of that I wanted a harness that we could add ‘alerts’ to; the patches on the Julius K9 can be swapped to ones that have all sorts of messages.

Review time 😉

What? Julius K9 IDC Powerharness

Price: we found it for £14.90 after a lot of searching, but they can be very expensive, especially larger sizes. Usually costs around £20-26

Our thoughts

Since we last bought a Julius K9 it seems they have modified the design quite a bit.

The harness is now a different shape, and it just feels better made. Pixie wasn’t too alarmed having it put on, and it was very easy to size.


My mum said she looked like Dobby from HP here XD

We’ve tested the Julius K9 on a few walks now, and it seems really good!

It doesn’t slip and slide at all, and I’m wondering if that’s something they’ve changed in the design or if it’s just because Pixie’s such a tiny dog, and she doesn’t really pull. I have the neck hole almost as long as it can go, and the belly band does sit further from the armpits than almost every other harness we’ve tried.

The harness should have been pulled to the side in the pic below, but as you can see it didn’t slip at all!


It’s really, REALLY hard to get a photo showing where the black band is on a black dog in terms of her armpits haha! I’ll have to try and get some more and maybe edit red lines  on the band so you can see where it sits 🙂

And, of course, our beloved patches!

The patches are horrifically expensive, but as we only want ones that tell people to keep away or that she’s nervous, we should only have to buy two sets at most 😀


And yes, I am covered in sudocrem in those pics…in fact it feels like our whole house is covered in sudocrem XD


Okay, so…the good

  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Easy to get the sizing right
  • Doesn’t slip about as dog walks (at least not on a small dog that isn’t a strong puller)
  • Comes in a variety of colours
  • The patches can be swapped to include helpful or humorous messages
  • Nice big D clip to attach lead to
  • Feels like a sturdy harness

The bad

  • For what it is, it’s a very expensive harness, with some places selling a large-sized harness for £35
  • Although the back is padded, neither of the straps are, and the band going around the belly is quite tough
  • The patches are stupidly expensive at £6+ for two, and if you order from Julius K9’s own site they add £6 delivery
  • As a harness it doesn’t *really* have much going for it – most harnesses in this price range have some sort of special function (eg. front D clip, comfort, escape-proof) but the Julius K9 is ‘just’ an everyday harness with very few special features

In conclusion we rate this harness (drum roll please)…

2.5 out of 4 paws


9 thoughts on “Julius K9 review

  1. Great review 🙂 I had Julius K9 twice. The first one was reasonably good, the second was rubbish. Apparently it’s because it was ‘fake’ -well, all of them are made in China anyway, so I guess it’s just a question of the supplier. I think the quest for the perfect harness never ends…(well, it has for me, hopefully, I gave up and make my own). I like some of the ruffwear front range ones, but I’ve heard even their quality varies 😦 Mine were fine, though.

    • Thanks 🙂 I wish I had the ability to make my own, I feel like I could make the perfect (different) harness for each of my dogs haha 🙂

    • Oh I forgot to say I used to love Ruffwear harnesses, but then three (one we bought and two replacements they sent) had faults meaning they began falling apart after just a week or two, and after that I just didn’t trust them. Kasper has a Zero DC Short harness which is a similar design and that we love, seems very comfortable and extremely well made 🙂

  2. Good review – I think you were very fair in your evaluation. They are quite popular with doggy enthusiasts in my area but I’m just still not fussed on them. I don’t think they are particularly good harnesses to use if you let your dog off lead a lot as I don’t like where they cut in on the front of most dogs as it seems to impede their top of the lleg movement although your one does seem to sit quite well on Pixie. I do think their interchangeable patches seem to be the best feature and I wish more companies would look into doing stuff like that!

    • Thank you ^__^

      Yeah, I don’t really get it. I see Julius K9’s recommended all the time and other than a basic step-in harness they’re definitely the most popular harness we see out and about…and we’re just here like “are we missing something?!” 😛

      I did mainly get it for the patches. I’m still considering the awesome harness you sent me the photo of (was it I need space on it?) for my birthday, but the company hasn’t replied to my emails. Outside of that I don’t know any good ‘message’ harnesses, but so far the Julius seems to be at least functional.

      We have three harnesses that Pixie can wear comfortably now, depending on the walk and weather! Quiet off lead walks = RedDingo, long quiet walks in any weather = CosyDogs, walks in places with people = Julius, and cold / wet weather means she wears her jacket or coat harness!!

      • Yea I really don’t get it either!
        Yea the one I sent had “I need space” on it. That’s really weird that they didn’t reply to the email, although I did contact them through facebook and they were pretty quick at getting back to me. I think they are a bit of victims of their own success though as they seem to have become super popular all of a sudden so they may be struggling to keep up. Just shows how much of a market there is for custom harness and collars!
        That’s great you have a range now for Pixie it really does help to have a few for different uses. We’ve found having multiple harnesses really good because most harnesses seem to take at least a day to properly dry out after Bonnie takes a little dip in water.

  3. A good place to buy the patches from is the Jourfix shop on amazon – they’re all a good price but the non-reflective yellow ones are really really cheap. First set is £2.50 delivery and each additional set is an extra 50p postage.
    I love Laufey’s julius just for ease of use. I keep it very loose so it does slip around a bit but it doesn’t rub him but I wouldn’t use it for a puller or escape artist. Which size is she in?

    • That’s good to know I’ll have to check them out. I really want something a little bit more obvious than ‘Don’t pet me’, like ‘keep back’ etc

      She has a Baby 2 and it fits really well – nice range on the girth but the neck band is almost on longest.

      • They’re where I got my last load of patches from when I went a bit overboard. I’ve had mixed success with Laufey’s – when it said ‘nobody loves me’ everyone noticed but when it said ‘do not disturb’ no one seemed to 😤
        Oh bless her! You don’t really quite how long she is in pictures until you give it some perspective – Laufey’s front band is closed all the way for best fit

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