The big dog

Few pics of Kasper-doodle today 🙂

It’s insane how ‘big’ he feels with having two small breeds now. Kasper weighs in at 20kg, Rey weighs about 8.5kg, Pixie weighs 5.2kg.

Because  of the size difference between Kasper and Pixie, and because Kasper is an over-zealous rough player, we have to be very careful.

On walks one of them (usually Kasper) stays on lead, and in the house they are still separated by a barrier, as Pixie still gets anxious about Kasper in the house, despite the fact he is wonderful 🙂

Wet walk pics from today!

We always lag behind because Pixie loves to stop and smell the…anything XD

That face XD

Pixie was a little concerned at the start of this walk, she hasn’t seen Kasper since last week due to her itchies.

But we soon got in the groove!

Lovely nonthreatening body language from Kasper 🙂 ❤

Fab focus!


Some knobby rolling 😉

And time to head home 🙂

Kasper had sloppy poops AGAIN today. We’re starting to think it’s the new kibble he’s on as after every bout of runny poo when we try add this new kibble into the mix, it seems to come back quite quickly. Bloody annoying when we’re trying to fatten him up, every few weeks it returns & we have to starve / reduce his food again 😦

Today we ordered a kibble he’s had many, many times before, which should arrive in the next few days, and he can have his own bag haha.


7 thoughts on “The big dog

  1. Aw they are so sweet together, you can see how excited Kasper is but how he’s trying his best to be gentle while playing, especially when she rolls over and he’s like okay I’ll have a little lie down, its adorable!
    Poor Kasper and his dodgy stomach, hopefully the familiar kibble will help settle his stomach. Bonnie randomly gets dodgy stomachs and we can never figure out the source it always seems to be random and not linked to any one factor.
    Also a bit random but I love Kasper’s tail 🙂 He seems to have the typical collie “J” shape while walking, Bonnie’s is the same where unless I’m engaging her or something exciting happens it stays like that and sometimes I think it makes them look a bit more serious like they’re on a mission or something rather than wagging their tails everywhere haha

    • Ahhh I found Kasper’s tail REALLY odd when we first adopted him, because he hardly ever wags it, only when there’s really good reason. Most dogs you see their tails are going all the time, and I’d just spent the summer with a Lab x Springer who never stopped wagging his tail even though his life was miserable!! Now I love Kasper’s tail! I can read a lot of emotions from his tails’ movements, and it’s so different to a lot of other dogs’…I love Pixie’s for the same reason, she holds hers very high and it curls over. Too cute ^__^

      I love your first paragraph about Kasper’s body language, it’s SO nice to have somebody else who recognises how bloody adorable it is! 😀

      The kibble is supposed to arrive today, and he’s not back on regular foods again yet…I hope it helps *sigh*

      • I was the same with Bonnie’s, I just thought she was like super bored or something on our walks haha but then I read about the collie’s “J” tail and I was like aha!
        Yes it’s definitely easier to read because it’s not always on the go to easier to tell when something has got their attention. Pixie’s tail is adorable, the little curl in it 🙂
        He really is such a gentleman he is very sweet!
        I hope he’s back to normal soon, have you ever tried the zoolac propaste? The vets had prescribed it before for Bonnie when she’s had an upset stomach and it seemed to do a good job. It’s recommended for when switching diets like kibble to raw or from one formula to another. I was thinking I might buy some just so I can have it handy instead of having to go to the vets for it.

      • Hahaha! None of my dogs have super waggy tails (seriously how do people even get their dogs to wag so much?! XD ) but Kasper is definitely the least waggy 😛

        I’ve never heard of that so will have to look it up, sounds like it’s definitely worth a try! I don’t get it as he’s never had a sensitive tummy before, to anything! We’ve been giving him slippery elm when his poops are at their worst and that really helps.

        Also his kibble just arrived and I feel like an utter moron *sigh* I bought it off ebay and the pic in the add was a 15kg bag, but in the title it said the price was for 2 x 2.5kg bags…aaaaaaagh 😥

        So annoyed haha! Paid £21 for 5kg of Skinners Duck & Rice, when I can buy 15kg for £21-25!! It’s fine, we definitely have enough money to be throwing it down the drain aagh!

      • I hadn’t heard about the slippery elm so must look into that myself. Aw no that’s the worst, I hate shopping on ebay it always seems so stressful making sure it’s the right item and it matches the description.

      • I sent an email t the seller just saying I bought based on the 15kg bag photo in the description, but there’s no way we’ll get a refund. Poop!!

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