Save me from the heat, trees!

We made a mistake today.

We went out and thought it didn’t seem too hot, so set off with Pixie on a two hour walk. Then it got hotter and hotter, and I thought I was going to pass out XD

The way there was HOT, especially as I had to carry Pixie most way through a village in the pupoose, then the forest was nice and shaded…and as we left the woods, WOW WAS THE SUN SCORCHING!!!!

The way back once we’d passed through the village was miserable, as we cut through the fields home (short cut) so I had to carry Pixie through the fields to avoid potential grass allergies, and there was zero shade. I don’t think I’ve ever sweated so much in my life hahaha.

Oh, and of course I brought water for the dog but none for us XD

Anyway. The way to the forest was seriously easy because the main road outside our house is shut, so the road to the next village was quiet because why would cars be driving along there?!

This meant we could use that route, normally we have to avoid it with everyone but Kasper because the path is so narrow and if people are approaching it’s a struggle.

Twenty minutes in we had a rest and offered Pixie some water. I’ve mentioned before she’s useless at drinking, so of course she snubbed it.

After a brief rest I scooped and pupoosed her so that we could pass through the village without having to worry about pedestrians or other dogs.

Interestingly we actually used to live in this village and there were two main reasons we moved:

  1. There’s no shop for a 30 minute walk (and we don’t drive) and the nearest supermarket was a 40 minute walk away
  2. The other dogs and their owners in this village are seriously awful.

We were reminded of this last fact walking through today. We saw lots of dogs screamed at (half a dozen, all different dogs and all within 20 minutes of walking!) and we also witnessed two dog fights. Wow, no wonder we moved! It’s so crazy as well because it’s such a picturesque little village and really quite posh!

Right before you get to the woods there was a lot of work going on; diggers, drills etc, but Pixie was fine with all the racket. She’s been good with noises so far, as long as it’s not barking or people talking.

The forest was all very new to her, I guess it is extremely different to field walks. She was very nervous at first, but we just took it all at her pace.

About ten minutes in (after having to drag her out the way of a jogger otherwise she would have freaked more than she did and she was refusing to move) we sat on a rock and dropped her longline (still attached to my belt in case of bolting). This meant she could get used to the sights, sounds and smells of the forest.

The cracking and falling noise of branches perturbed her, and way on the other side of the woods there’s a farm with dogs you can just about hear barking, so that threw her off as well.

We offered her another drink, which of course she snubbed 😉

Once we’d watched the world go by a little and I’d cooled off, I switched the lead on Pixie’s harness to the lighter one, then dropped it and let it trail behind her.

She was gaining more confidence now, but the walk was still slow going with paw lifts from Pixie, so I had chance to take photos of the scenery 🙂

We followed a path that we never really used in this wood before as it was always very boggy, but someone seems to have covered a lot of the path in branches which has helped preserve the path and it was a really nice loop.


I really miss walking in forests as this is the nearest one to us and it’s still quite a bit of a pain to get to!

We actually followed the path to the left down the hill, then looped back via the lower path you can see in this photo!

I love how green this forest gets, and the moss is just unreal!

By this point Pixie was still sticking close, but she wasn’t expressing such nervous body language, and she was enjoying the sniffs and new sights now 🙂

Time for one final (snubbed) drinking opportunity, then time for the hot miserable walk home 😉

All in all a really nice walk, and one we’ll definitely do again in Autmn / winter…but I doubt we’ll be doing it in heat again any time soon 😀


4 thoughts on “Save me from the heat, trees!

  1. It’s seriously unseasonably warm at the minute, I’m really hoping it cools down soon! That forest looks like a lovely place to walk, shame it’s a bit of a pain to get to. I’m glad that Pixie eventually gained her confidence in a completely new scenario to her, I don’t think there’s much she won’t be able to overcome with you guys by her side helping her out 🙂

    • Thanks, she is a real little beauty 🙂 I know, I can’t believe quite how many bad dog owners you see in that village, it’s unreal. Makes me very glad two of our dogs are small enough to be carried as I just can’t trust the other dog owners when walking my dogs through the village!

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