Talking snakes

When you have a lot of pets in various parts of the house and that you share responsibilities with, it’s easy to miss pets out or think your other half’s sorted them.

We have a whiteboard that’s pretty much solved that problem, so long as we don’t forget to wipe it clean everyday!!

It has groups of our pets listed along with basic things they need (eg. feeding, water, if they need walks or play etc), and when we’ve completed the task we put a green blob next to it. If it doesn’t get done, it gets a red blob so that we know we need to do it asap either before bed or the next morning depending on what it is (eg. play time for Fabian).


Hey I don’t think Satsu is on our pets page! I have introduced him to you though, right?

I just searched the blog and apparently I haven’t. So here is Satsu!

**warning, following includes photos of snakes and snakes eating!**

He’s a cornsnake and is about 1 year old, though we got him when he was about 8 months old. He’s about 1.5ft long and eats a small mouse every 4 days. He’s an Amel cornsnake.


I got my first cornsnake for my 18th birthday, he was a Carolina and grew to be over 6ft long.

When I settled with my partner we ready to have him come live with us, but by then my dad didn’t want to relinquish ownership as he loved James. If I’m totally honest we were slightly relieved, as James hadn’t been handled at all and I wasn’t sure how he’d be!!

My dad rehomed James this past week (long story) and I think my parents were expecting us to take him, but by this point I haven’t seen James in 4+ years, and he probably hadn’t been handled in all that time. Add to that the fact we can’t fit another 4ft viv and snake in the house, and it wasn’t happening. My parents like offloading the stuff they don’t want onto us, but I just could not have an 8 year old unsocialised snake on my hands, and we really do not have room for the viv.

Anyway. I’m telling you all this though because I LOVE cornsnakes.

They make fantastic pets as they are low maintenance, cheap after the initial costs (viv,substrate,food,heat mat,thermostat,snake etc) and they’re just really easy to keep.

Cornsnakes are one of, if not THE, hardiest pet snakes out there, and my absolute favourite thing (alongside their usually very docile temperament) is all the colour varieties / morphs they come in.

My favourites  morphs are Carolina / ‘normal’ (which is usually the cheapest), Snow (I really really really want a Snow), Ghost and Butter. Photo of a Snow corn from google images:

Interestingly I have *never* liked Amels, which is why I thought it so odd that I was drawn to Satsu.

Corn snakes change A LOT as they grow, not just in size but in colour too. Their colours completely change in most morphs, so I think I actually don’t like Amel hatchlings but appreciate older Amels 😀

To show you how they change, here is James when I first got him as a little shoelace hatchling, all the way through to when he was 5ft long.



5ft long here, he was over 6ft a few years later!

So as you can see their colours change drastically, which is very exciting!

Cornsnakes shed more when they are young, as they are growing more when younger. Their eyes go blue and their colour looks dull before a shed, and afterwards their colouring is much brighter. Younger snakes get fed about every 3-5 days, and adult snakes get fed every 1-2 weeks.

Cornsnakes can be fairly large although never thicken up like other snakes do. They usually stop growing at about 4-6ft in length so James was unusually large!!

Anyway. Sorry, I blathered. Here are some more photos of Satsu to compare with James  🙂

I’ll try get more recent photos when we next handle him 🙂

This blog wasn’t meant to be about snakes at all…but there you go!


17 thoughts on “Talking snakes

  1. Omg! I want a corn snake so bad! Do you ever have any problems with them escaping their tanks? My girlfriend is terrified of them, and I’m trying to talk her into getting one. Trying to convince her that the only time they will be out is when I’ll be holding and handling them.

    • We’ve used a lot of different tanks / vivs for snakes and have never had one escape apart from one time, and that was entirely our fault (just completely forgot to put the lid on, oops!), but other than that have never had an escape in 8 years of snake ownership. I’ve also been tagged by my (dad’s) adult cornsnake before and it didn’t hurt at all, just made me jump as wasn’t expecting it!

      Do you have a particular morph you’re interested in? Cornsnakes are my all-time favourite snakes. They’re usually such easy going little guys, although we do want a Royal / Ball Python some day 🙂

      • Oh no! I wouldn’t be able to forget the lid, my girlfriend would freak out! I’m really wanting a corn snake. I’ve even seen online that you can buy them online and they get shipped over night? Is that how you got your corn snakes? It seems a little “mean”? To be shipping an animal from somewhere. What if the postage guy doesn’t give a shit that it says “handle with care” and throws the package around. I’ve really been looking into the little pinkish orangish looking corn snakes to get for myself. A ball python would be amazing, and id love it. I’m thinking to start out small, hence the corn snake, just to get my girlfriend use to the fact of a snake being in the house.

      • We bought all our snakes from local reptile shops. Highly recommend this route as it means you can go in, check out the conditions the snakes are kept in, meet the snakes, and choose them on personality and colours. I think in America shipping reptiles seems more common than in the UK (I’ve seen it with geckos a lot too) but it just doesn’t sit right with me.

        Yeah it depends what you want from a snake. Both corns and royals are pretty chilled and docile, they both grow to a similar size, but royals can live in a smaller viv (they feel safer in smaller spaces) and are obviously a lot chunkier than cornsnakes!

  2. Love the whiteboard! We have one for the degus and it has been so helpful – no more shouting downstairs to ask if they’ve been fed yet haha
    Aww Satsu is such a little cutie! His colours are lovely 🙂 I’d love a royal python too some day as every one that I’ve had the chance to handle have been so placid and lovely, one handler even said they they just love to hang out because of your body warmth which I thought was adorable like a little snake hug 😀

    • Omb that’s such a cute way of thinking of it 😀

      Yeah, I reeeaaally want a Royal. Our viv we had is a perfect size for a fully grown royal so we were really thinking of getting one, but at the last moment we fell back to cornsnake…they’re just so sweet and come in so many colours!!! 😛

      Whiteboards are the future haha!

    • Thanks! We had a Western Hognose years back but she wouldn’t ever feed (we tried everything!) and unfortunately died. You should google them though, they’re hilarious looking snakes and even though they’re not ‘exciting’ colours they’re pretty 🙂

    • The whiteboard has helped a lot haha. We were having a lot of “oh thanks for feeding the [insert pet here]!” “eeerm…I didn’t?” 😛

      Ah cool! How old / big is Alex? I can’t wait to watch Satsu as he grows 🙂

      • Alex is just over three and a half years old. He was shedding when I posted the photo of George (the other snake) so I haven’t included his photo in the post where I mentioned the snakes. He’s very playful and friendly 🙂

    • Thank you 😀 A family member bought me a birthday gift one year where I could go be a zookeeper for a day. It was really cool! I fed tigers, went into the tiger pen and washed the viewing windows, but my favourite thing was carrying a 16ft Burmese Python with another keeper – that snake was HUUUGE and so heavy XD

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