Vets for Pixie tomorrow :(

Aaagh why?!

Two days ago we noticed some bumps on Pixie’s chest; two bigger ones near her armpit and two smaller ones more central of her belly. They weren’t red or itchy so we assumed she’d just been bitten by a bug or something.

The next day, late in the evening, she started licking at them as if they were itching, and they were a lot redder. We put an inflatable cone on her to prevent her bothering the area which worked really well.

Cue this morning, where we wake up and everywhere is inflamed, red, and sore!

We phoned the vet surgery we use and our vet isn’t in until Friday – aaagh!

There’s a female vet in tomorrow but we have no idea how good she is (there are two absolutely dreadful vets at our surgery, then the mystery one, and then ours). The receptionist we spoke to said if we went tomorrow at 8.30am there was a chance our vet could see us quickly before she preps for surgery, so we are hoping to be able to do that.

I’ve read on a group that a fair few owners use vets who don’t examine their dogs, rather they take in photos, ask what information the vet needs beforehand etc. Unfortunately we can’t do that because both the vets we might be seeing won’t be in until tomorrow, but I’ve taken photos of the rash, Pixie’s gums, ears etc.

Pixie will most likely be in the room with us at the vets, in her pupoose, but I REALLY do not want the vet examining her unless it’s really really absolutely unavoidable.

Here are some photos we’ll be taking…



My poor poor girl, she really didn’t need this 😦

Wish us luck tomorrow, and if you’ve experienced anything similar or have any tips for soothing itching we’d love to hear it!


12 thoughts on “Vets for Pixie tomorrow :(

    • Thanks! We have put some sudocrem on her sore bits and she’s worn the cone all day…she has been utterly utterly miserable bless her, but hopefully it will help! I’m wishing for a miracle in that it’s so much better tomorrow we won’t need the vet, but realistically that’s not going to happen 😛

    • Thank you, us too! We’ve put some sudocrem on her sore bits and are hoping it will help…she’s been utterly miserable all day in the cone but she was so patient whilst we creamed her up,bless her.

  1. Aw poor Pixie that looks quite uncomfortable for her. I was having a look at the pictures and showed my partner and we both thought it looks a bit like allergies – not likely a serious food allergy as you would notice that in the mouth and ears, but maybe a food intolerance or even an environmental allergy. Since she is so low to the ground she might have rubbed off some plant that she is allergic to or even if some of the fields you walk in use any type of weed killer or fertiliser or any sprays like that it could be an irritant. Hopefully she will just need a wee steroid cream that you can apply yourself at home.
    An ice pack or applying some cream like e45, sudo cream or aloe vera might help her in the mean time the little critter. Hope the visit goes okay, if the vet insists on seeing her outside her pupoose I would probably insist that you hold her and the vet can simply look but not touch as I find it easier to prepare what to say and do in those situations before they happen because when I’m caught unaware I always seem to not know how to say or do the right thing because I feel pressured!

    • Bugger. I don’t know if an allergy is a good thing (easier treatment possibly than other skin disorders it could be?!?) or a bad thing as it will be a lifetime issue I’m assuming…?

      A few people said their dogs had a similar allergic reaction running through long grass, and sudocrem and a specific allergy pill always helped. We’ve covered her ourchies in sudocrem so I really hope that eases the redness and itching, she’s been so sad all day!

      I have no idea how to go about figuring out what she is allergic to. Environment I feel would make more sense as the fields have recently been cut, we went in some new fields over the past few days etc. I can’t think she’s eaten much new recently – cheerios and the rainbow trout, same old wet and dry food. Hmmm.

      Very much appreciate this comment as I had no idea what dog allergies looked like, and I do think that’s better than a tough-to-treat skin disorder 🙂 Hoping for a miracle overnight and the rash has almost disappeared by morning, meaning no vets necessary!!

      • It might not be a lifetime thing, could potentially be a seasonal allergy if it’s to do with the environment like hayfever, since she’s only got it now I wouldn’t think it’s a lifetime thing. Awk wee critter, sudocream should help soothe it a bit but I’m sure she’s tired from all the discomfort. A vet can advise you better obviously but generally dogs can take piriton and with Pixie being small she would only need a half a tablet or less a day so would be very cheap to treat even if it was a lifetime allergy. A wee diary of her walks (location, plants, if she went through mud/water etc) and food each day might help yous figure out if it’s one specific trigger.

      • Thank you so much 🙂 Funnily enough we got quite a few recommendations for Piriton yesterday and gave her a half tablet last night 😀

        This morning her itches were a lot less raw and the dozens of smaller bumps had all gone. Still took her to the vets though. Our vet did examine her but Pixie coped really well god love her, and we have anti-biotics and anti-itch pills.

        I’m really hoping it’s just a seasonal thing or even just a specific walk or treat…something we can easily avoid haha! I love your idea of mapping out walks and food, will start writing that out on the whiteboard 🙂 Thank you!

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