Something smells fishy!

We’ve lost the (wireless) mouse for the PC, which means I can’t upload any of the photos I wanted to post tonight haha.

Also Pixie is being an utter goob and throwing herself onto my lap, over the keyboard, and then writhing about exposing her belly like crazy – my partner just took Raiden out for a walk so Pixie is incredibly excited hoping she’s going to get to play with her brother. I keep telling her it’s too late for noisy play and we’re too tired but she doesn’t care, so if this post has more spelling mistakes than usual blame her πŸ˜‰

We’ve had some fun things happen this past day or two!

1. Pixie went ‘properly’ off lead for the first time ever πŸ˜€

That is there was no lead trailing behind her, she wore her harness and ran free! Normally we have a lead trailing in case something startles her, or because her recall wasn’t so reliable. Now she’s been off lead ‘properly’ twice the last two days, and last night I even let her off lead in theΒ pitch black with just a 6ft lead trailing – how’s that for the dog that had no recall and was terrified of the dark?!

2. She’s eating her food even with added supplements now.

Something she hasn’t managed the entire time we’ve had her. She’s at the point now where we can add a little salmon oil and the natural herbal flea & tick preventative we use.

3. Today we left her for an entire hour!!

When we got back and watched the footage we saw she’d spent half the time sleeping, and the rest chilling πŸ™‚

4. Her and Pecan are developing such a great bond.

They relax next to each other fairly often, and have actually started playing with each other, or trying to fathom a way they both enjoy playing. There was a fun game of chase that happened yesterday, if we find the mouse I can post the footage haha!

Pecan still does surprise attacks where he will run and hang off her bottom whilst biting her (he has great bite inhibition so I’m not worried!) and Pixie just stands there watching him like “Huh?!” XD

Today I saw a cat out in the garden, which I thought was really weird (we never get cats in our garden because we have dogs, I’ve literally never seen a cat in our garden and our area is teeming with outdoor cats).

I watched the cat a while and it was playing with something…and that something was moving!

I went running out, the cat bolted as soon as I opened the door, and thereΒ was a tiny frog on our patio. She (we’ve decided she’s a she πŸ˜‰ ) can move but one of her back legs is damaged. No visible injury or blood.

We set up a spare tank (100cm long) and plopped her in. We’ll keep an eye on her and feed her up; she swims a lot better than she walks on land.


And then today everyone got to try some raw fish!

I’ve been flipping and flopping about whether or not to feed my dogs a raw diet for years now. I like a lot of the things I read about it, but I’m worried about giving Kasper ANYTHING with bones or that’s in any way chewy. Kasper is *terrible* at eating things, and most things result in him being sick – he even puked up an apple recently because he swallowed a large apple inΒ two bites.

Since getting a ferret I’ve found that he could really benefit from a raw or raw-and-kibble diet, so I thought I could feed Fabian and the cats mainly raw, and the dogs could have a mix of raw and kibble.

I did some more reading today and found that Pippa Mattinson (author of ‘The Happy Puppy Handbook’ and ‘Total Recall’) is a huge advocate of raw feeding, which made me feel good, and has a few good articles on it: 9 great raw foods, feeding a puppy raw, pros and cons of raw feeding.

Today we defrosted some rainbow trout and the cats, Fabian and even Pixie got to try some πŸ˜€

The fish was in little chunks, because bugger me is fish hard to cut and I needed to get it in pieces for various pets (I’ve been a veggie since 7 and have never cut raw fish in my life!), with several larger chunks with the scales. Guess what?

Everyone loved it!

Here are some photos of everyone enjoying some raw rainbow trout (frozen first to eradicate parasites).

I should add I have NEVER seen the cats sooo excited about something. Pecan was following me around crying and when the fish got within his reach he would jump up, catch it in his claws and try drag it off. When Pixie came to see what he was so excited about, Pecan growled to tell her to bugger off – I’ve only ever heard him growl over blue fluff before, his most prized possession. Yes, my cat is weird πŸ˜‰


Now Enzo is a really fussy eater, and you know what? He RELISHED the trout. He was so happy, and both the boys really enjoyed sinking their teeth into it and giving it a really good gnaw πŸ™‚

Pecan eating wet food, Enzo finishing off the rainbow trout πŸ™‚

And I only gave Pixie a piece so she would leave the kitties alone as they ate, and SHE loved it too!!!



Fabian had a few small chunks. He really enjoyedΒ the meat and chomped it straight down, but the scales he preferred dragging them about his cage and then burying in his ball pit – oh THAT’S gonna be fun to clean!

The only reason I chose fish to start off with was because I know it’s supposed to be easy to eat, and the bones are softer. I want to buy some boneless chunks in of other things for everyone to try, I found a great site recently that had all sorts of exciting things on it πŸ™‚


7 thoughts on “Something smells fishy!

  1. I was so behind on the blog or else I would have commented on a few other posts too (oops!) I’m glad they’re all doing so well.

    Does Kasper have a medical condition for his being sick or just eating too fast? Bones shouldn’t be an issue for him – Laufey gives one crunch and done to chicken wings / necks / drumsticks, it’s only bigger things that he gives a few crunches too which is normal and doesn’t have an issue with it getting stuck πŸ™‚ If you want to go raw I’d say just give it a go and see how you do, although being veggie is a challenge I wouldn’t know about πŸ˜‰ As for Fabian hiding stuff, I have no ferret experience but what I’ve heard from ferret people this is very common and end up icky so good luck with that!!

    • No, Kasper just literally swallows things without chewing them at all, and pukes because the bits are so large. He’s been sick after eating a variety of things, but mostly they were dried treats…the apple was a new one, normally he crunches them really well and enjoys them, I literally could not believe he had swallowed two large halves of an apple whole -__-

      He really is the worst dog at eating anything with crunch *sigh* How big are chicken necks or wings? As I’m guessing that would be a good beginner for Kasper from what I’ve read…

      • Not large at all, wings and necks are about as small as you can go but if he doesn’t chew you’re possibly better off going much larger then it’s physically impossible for him to just swallow it. Whilst not suitable for the transition period, things like whole lamb spines or whole heads or racks of ribs etc. that are larger than his head will make sure he has to chew

      • Could he get chunks off a larger ‘thing’ (eg. ribs) and then swallow them? This is my biggest concern with raw feeding because Kasper almost had to have emergency surgery last time he had a raw bone (admittedly I knew nothing about which bones were right to feed him then) but he’s just so crap at swallowing big bits of stuff haha πŸ˜€

        I know there are lots of boneless meat options out there for if I was more giving him raw food for treats, so he can still enjoy raw goodies and gnawing at things, but I’d love if he could enjoy chewing away at boney things too!

        He did once find a lambs’ skull on a walk and ate that no problems hahahaha XD

      • Sorry – we went to agility πŸ™‚ He shouldn’t be able to get big bits off anything by the nature of how he should gnaw on them. They don’t really chew and grind like we do but they should be sort of bite size bits.
        He can have quite a bit of non-boney things to gnaw too – big bits of tripe are always good (although outside!) and trachea are good too πŸ™‚

  2. Sounds like a great idea; since getting the goos and reading about SAB I’m becoming a huge advocate of a more natural diet for all pets (depending on cost and of course any medical conditions the pet may have). One thing I’ll say is if you’re going for chicken do NOT leave any bones in it, I’m sure you already know but they are super dangerous particularly for dogs as they splinter easily and can be life threatening. Of course if you’re going boneless or for other meats then it should be ok.

    • I think we’ll be avoiding bones anyway, as Kasper is just too much of a moron when eating hahaha! Plenty of other tasty options out there πŸ˜›

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