DIY: making the CosyDogs harness useful!

We had a bad day today 😦

We woke up and my partner opened Tristan-bun’s cage as usual. I went to get his veggies, Pixie ran to greet him as always…and he didn’t run to the door like he normally does.

Sometime in the night it appears Tristan passed away. He was completely healthy yesterday, he hadn’t tried any new foods, he hadn’t gotten into anything…I checked his body over; there were no wounds, no messy bottom, no signs of illness in his eyes, mouth, nose, paws, he was a good weight. Nothing.

I know rabbits die unexpectedly from heart problems due to sudden frights often, but I don’t remember anything loud or unexpected happening, and Tristan was the most confident rabbit ever. He loved everyone and everyone loved him 😦

On top of that I got a really bad migraine yesterday at about 10pm, which disrupted my sleep all night, and I woke up this morning with the same uber painful migraine.

Later, on Pixie’s walk, we had a run in with an absolutely awful person…and that was our day. But one good thing did come out of it.

I made the CosyDogs harness work!

For anybody who doesn’t know, CosyDogs make fleece lined harness in two different styles, and I’ve always loved the company. Unfortunately then a few things went wrong (bad sizing, poor customer service, and the fact no size harness fit my dog).

You can see our (updated) review here.

They refused to take one harness back because it had been worn too much (wow okay, it’s been worn a handful of times whilst we tried to see if it would rub!!), so we were left with a harness that didn’t fit our dog.

Today I had an idea of chopping up the Nervous Vest Harness (this harness fit but the design is just too crappy for me to feel happy using it!) and using some of the straps to create a bigger belly band for the CosyDogs harness.

Something like this, but more polished haha 😀

And the nervous bit wasn’t wasted as it’s a perfect collar/neckerchief for walks 😀



I got the strap cut off the nervous harness with the buckles and adjustable length, but it still wasn’t a good size (too short), so I kept that in case it can be used to meddle with anything else!

I then realised that the CosyDogs doesn’t *need* a belly band. Without a belly band it’s an EzyDog style harness, but better designed and comfier!

Now THAT is where I want a harness to sit 😀


We then burnt the harness in the two places it had been cut, so that the fabric wouldn’t fray, and filed down the edges that would come into contact with Pixie.


We’ve used it on two walks today (a short nearby one and a much longer one with dozens and dozen of obstacles to get past!!), and here’s what we noticed:

  • It doesn’t slip as Pixie walks AT ALL
  • It looks adorable
  • It doesn’t rub
  • It’s easy to put on and off
  • It seems very comfortable to wear, Pixie could run and jump in it fine and is sleeping in it as I type

Of course if you undo both the buckles the underneath strap falls off haha, but we’ve turned a useless harness into one that can easily be worn, so yay 🙂

Only problem is, when worn in the house, the girth straps slip too far down…whilst this isn’t too bad, it would slip further.



I then realised we had some velcro straps lying about, so created a DIY belly band too! No telling if it will rub yet, we’ll have to wait and see, but it would do a good job preventing the girth straps from slipping too far!

The good thing about velcro is you can buy it in all sorts of widths and sizes, so it would be easy to use and replace 🙂

ETA ~ belly band seems to be working perfectly as she walks around the house and plays with the cats 🙂


5 thoughts on “DIY: making the CosyDogs harness useful!

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  2. sorry about Tristan 😦
    If you have a sewing machine that is quite sturdy (can sew through thick fabric and nylon webbing) it’s not too difficult to make your own harness. I’m not a fan of things made on a big scale (in China mainly) 🙂

    • Thank you ❤

      I'd LOVE to make my own harnesses, but I am absolutely useless at everything sewing…or knitting haha 🙂 I have a really basic sewing machine that I messed about with for a while, I might have to start saving for a decent one as I'd really love to try making my own dog stuff with it…not that I'd know where to start hahahaha 🙂

  3. I’m really sorry to hear about Tristan, he was a special bun ❤
    I'm glad you were able to take a positive thing out of the day – you did a great job with the harness.

    • Thanks. It was a real shock, and awful because he was seriously SUCH a fab bun. Bless him. And the harness is holding up well so far…we now have two working harnesses hahaha!

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