Puppy play :D

We had the two young ‘uns together the longest so far today, and the bulk of it I was managing on my own too!

My partner had taken Kasper out so I thought I’d take Pixie and Rey to the back garden – neither of them had been toileted so I figured they could play and go to the loo outside.

Pixie has NEVER been in our garden before, so I thought having her bro and BFF with her would help with that. I had Pixie in my arms, opened the back door, opened Rey’s crate and out we went.

Raiden was soooo happy 🙂

He was twirling and bouncing, so I put Pixie down and they *shot* off! Whirling around the garden playing, wagging tails and happy smiles all over the place!

I sat on the step in the blistering heat and just enjoyed watching them. I didn’t have to worry about Rey yapping constantly because he’s sooo much better these days, and he was better at doing his own thing and reading body language outside.

When Pixie turned her face away saying she didn’t want to play, Raiden would sniff and lick her excitedly for ten seconds before realising, then go off and do his own thing…and that’s when Pixie would tear after him and demand play XD

After we’d been outside for half an hour I brought them both inside so my partner could enter through the garden with Kasper.

Play continued in the living room, and for a good fifteen minutes Raiden was happily playing with his toys. He’d ignore Pixie as she tried to get him to play, simply wagging his tail at her, so Pixie came to chill with me 😀


“Is he chasing me? Is he?? I LOVE MY BROTHER!!”

Then my partner got back and, after some huffing, Pixie decided it looked much more fun to rush up and excitedly greet him as Rey was doing. What a joy to see!

As Raiden returned to his beloved sheep (most successful Gotcha Day gift ever?!) Pixie played with my partner 😀 ❤


I’m hopeful that within the next week or so these two will be spending hours together, and both will learn to relax in the other’s company. We’ve made huge progress already!

Next step after that is to try walk them together without Raiden running back to Pixie, and without him screamy-barking 😉

I really could watch these two play all day…plus it *really* tires them out!!



2 thoughts on “Puppy play :D

    • Haha they’re hilarious 😀 We’ve found giving Rey a toy makes him a lot calmer when playing (so more respectful too) – only problem is Pixie then sulks because he’s not bouncing all over, even though when he does it makes her uncomfortable XD

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