We’re taking a risk

I am scared.

In a moment of madness yesterday I said my parents could come visit us, as they were nearby, and we’d go for a picnic with Pixie.

Originally they wanted to come take us out for tea, but I said we couldn’t because we can’t leave Pixie so long. I then suggested we go for a picnic, and I can have Pixie in the pupoose with my parents walking a distance away and completely ignoring me and, more importantly, her.

Now I regret suggesting this massively.

If it goes wrong (which it very much could) I’ll feel really sad, firstly that it went badly but secondly, and more important, because I put Pixie in that position.

We have a back-up plan where we drop Pixie off at home and leave her for half an hour for a rushed picnic, but I’m scared this might make her even more fearful with people. She still gets scared when strangers walk past her on the opposite side of the road, completely ignoring her, so I’m definitely pushing her out of her comfort zone.

I have a tendency to over-think things, and atm even the slightest bit of stress makes all my bipolar symptoms worse, so this is doing a grand job of messing my head up 😉

Ah well, we will just have to see how it goes. You never know, the pupoose could really help.

Also, if you missed adorable Pixie-pics with her new harness, have a look at yesterday’s post 🙂


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