Red Dingo harness review

Yet another new harness for Pixie arrived today >__<

I was sick of the nervous dog harness…the bands are tough, it looks like an uncomfortable fit due to the too-short belly band, and it’s not very nice to put on. This meant we were back to using either the too-small CosyDogs harness or the too-warm jacket harness!

Then I remembered the review that Bonnie’s wonderful owner did about a Red Dingo harness.

Although I didn’t know the company by name, I recognised their harnesses immediately – I’m very familiar with their style and the bone shaped clips, and was aware that they came in dozens and dozens of colours…so I was pleased to hear that Bonnie’s owner liked them. A reliable recommendation, especially as Bonnie isΒ a tough fit for harnesses too πŸ˜€

We looked through all the designs yesterday and I picked out a few favourites, then we scanned amazon Prime for prices and delivery.

One of our favourites cost just Β£12 with next day delivery πŸ™‚

Our thoughts

The harness is adjustable in three different places, which means it’s great for oddly-shaped dogs. You can adjust the neck hole, the girth, AND the band that runs between the front legs (which is what has caused issues with almost every other harness for Pixie!).


Here you can see the difference in length that was needed between the nervous harness – it fit fine around her head and girth, but the band between the legs was waaay too short!

And here’s the nervous harness next to the CosyDogs harness, you can see that’s actually even shorter, although the larger neck hole makes up for a little of the lost length.


And now the Red Dingo harness!

This was easy to fit, although did take a few attempts to get the perfect fit. I tend to leave a little too much leeway in the girth, so when attached to the lead the harness was slipping around a little – this was my fault and not the harnesses’ πŸ˜‰

We bought the size classed as XS on amazon, and I was scared it wasn’t going to fit as Pixie is at the higher end and several places have told me these harnesses run a little small – Bonnie’s owner even measured her harness to compare to the size given by the company, and it was several cm off in every direction!

Thankfully the harness does indeed fit Pixie, with enough room to spare πŸ™‚


This harness has a front and rear D clip, and the front is great for attaching tags to! Pixie is a lot better with jangling tag noises now, but even so some harnesses freak her out with the tinkling. She has no issues with this one at all πŸ™‚


Another thing that concerned me was the width of this harnesses’ straps, at just 15mm.

I prefer my dogs wearing big chunky harnesses, partly because I imagine they are comfier and partly for aesthetics. It’s one of the things I love about the CosyDogs harness.

Despite the slender straps, once on the Red Dingo harness does not look odd at all and, as Pixie so rarely pulls, I have no worries about comfort. I should note that the larger sizes of harness do have thicker straps.

The next thing to address is something I know a lot of dog owners struggle with: a harness sitting too close behind their dogs’ front legs!

I am pleased to announce that this harness sits a good distance away from Pixie’s armpits, especially when she is standing or walking. The adjustable band between the front legs definitely helps here πŸ˜‰

The good

  • Very affordable harness
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Adjustable in three separate places including the band between the front legs, which is especially useful for longer bodied dogs
  • Doesn’t sit uncomfortably close to the front legs
  • Harnesses come in dozens and dozens of colour varieties
  • Bone clips are super adorable
  • Front and rear D clip
  • Seems to be lots of overlap between sizes which hardly ever happens!

The bad

  • Has quite narrow straps
  • Although the harness feels soft, it is not fleece lined or padded, so if your dog is a puller you might worry aboutΒ chafing
  • Does slip about slightly on the dogs’ body, even when tight

A few more pics of it in action!


In conclusion we rate this harness:

3.5 out of 4 paws!





9 thoughts on “Red Dingo harness review

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    • She’s got six harnesses and we’ve had her almost six harness haha. I wouldn’t call it spoilt though, it’s more that she has a stupidly long body which most harnesses don’t cater for hahaha! And thank you πŸ™‚

    • When I opened the package I was like ‘oh it’s really thin…’ then I got it on her and it looked GREAT! πŸ˜€

      I’m still adjusting the fit to try prevent it slipping sideways when she’s walking on lead. How tight do you have each bit on Bonnie? I’ve got the neck looser (to get her head through and encourage the girth to sit further back from her front legs), I have the girth as tight as is comfortable, and the band between the front legs ever so slightly on the long side.

      • I have the neck loose enough to get over her head, the chest band the same as you tightest as comfortable and the belly strap is at it’s longest. Ours slips about a bit while on walks too and I think it’s because of the design how it’s not all one piece like front of the frontrange harness and the chest strap is just threaded through the belly strap. I think I might try to customise it somehow so that there chest strap is held in place either side of the belly strap but it’s not too bad out on walks unless she really decides to pull to the side. I definitely prefer the harness slipping about a bit instead of it cutting into her armpit at least anyway haha to be honest I think manufactorers make harness to sit close behind the armpit so they don’t slip about and annoy owners rather than what’s comfortable for the dog because every harness I have that sits close behind the armpit stays in place but the red dingo and even the ruffwear palisades harness slips about a bit when she pulls and I have the belly strap on the longest setting so the chest strap sits far back from her armpits on that too.

      • That makes sense, ie. harnesses close to the front legs don’t slip, but aren’t designed for dogs’ comfort.

        When I first tried the Red Dingo I had a little extra room on the girth (because I just always do that) and it slipped terribly, then I tightened the girth and it’s minimal sliding now. I don’t think it helps that we use two leads attached for her longline, and one’s quite thick and heavy…so with her being a tiny dog the lead does weigh the harness down a little XD

        I constantly think how awesome it would be to be good at crafty-things so you could make your own harnesses. I would LOVE to test out loads of different ideas πŸ˜€

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