Cat review: Dreamies Snacky Mouse

This is our first EVER cat review! πŸ™‚

My parents sent a package up yesterday, and inside there were treats for me and my partner, the pups, and the kittens!

I am very grateful for my parents being so accepting of our furkids. They ask about them every time we ring, and when I send them dozens of photos they laugh and exclaim over every one. To on top of that buy our furkids gifts spontaneously is just great πŸ™‚

Anyway, in this package was a Limited Edition Dreamies Snacky Mouse.

Included was a nice sized pack of Dreamies treats and a mouse-themed puzzle ball!


You twist off the mouse’s head to fill, and there are several small holes for the treats to fall out of.


It is worth noting that the treats are oblong in shape and the holes quite small, so as you’ll see in the video it’s quite tricky to get them out. I snapped the treats in half and found that was much better at rewarding the cats for their hard work, so would advise that for novice kitties πŸ™‚

Surprisingly, piggy Pecan grew bored too quickly to fathom how to get to the food. He sniffed and tried to grab the treats a few times, then sauntered over to the food bowl instead…that cats not dumb!!


Enzo on the other hand, who is a fussy eater and has snubbed every dry treat I’ve given him in the past, wentΒ wild for this thing and really really enjoyed it πŸ˜€

Viedo footage of Enzo carrying and tossing the puzzle feeder about πŸ™‚

There is music on the video so turn down volume if necessary!

What a success!

And Pecan enjoyed hoovering up lots of the treats that Enzo knocked out πŸ˜‰


The good

  • Very cute feeder that is easy to fill
  • As long as treats used are small enough or snapped in half it’s a good difficulty level
  • Can be picked up and dragged about by the adorable ears!

The bad

  • Was a little too difficult for an impatient kitten to think it was worth trying!

Enzo was very proud of himself for working for his food too!



In conclusion we rate this puzzle feeder…

7 out of 8 paws!


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