Pixie’s best day in photos :)

I’m having to type this one handed as there’s an exhausted little puppy sprawled across my lap and pinning my right arm 😀

I haven’t been feeling so good about the area we live in for quite a while now – don’t get me wrong it’s a lovely place, but I grew up in a tiny Yorkshire village surrounded by woodland and fields.

Although where we live now is an incredibly small village, there’s not many places you can go and just *be* in the countryside, a lot of fields are private land only, and to get to the ones you are allowed in you usually have to walk alongside busy main roads or through town.

It sounds stupid but I LOVE being in the middle of nowhere, I love walking through fields or forests and just soaking it all up…and living here was really bringing me down.

Today we also decided yo go check out some mystery footpaths – there are several public footpaths where you have to pass by farms or people’s houses, and because they don’t really want people doing that the entrances are VERY well hidden! This one we’ve tried to find half a dozen times over the past two years, and have never succeeded!

Today’s plan tied in with us wanting to take Pixie on bigger adventures, utilising the pupoose, so we decided to take her with us and give a walk in a new place a try.

We started off with Pixie on the ground so she could toilet, then picked her up at the narrow bridge you have to cross to get through our village – it’s the only way through and is about 3ft wide, so we can’t expect Pixie to walk by people on it.

It’s a scorching day! (that’s some type of bird of prey up there)

I carried Pixie for the next ten minutes as the house beside the public footpath sometimes has an off lead GSD lounging on the driveway that barks at everyone, and I didn’t want Pixie down for that.

We passed the house and walked around where the public footpath should be, having zoomed in as far as we could on Google maps. Past a shed, past some stables, past some unused stables, to a field that was chained shut…nothing.

We were just getting ready to give up when we spotted a narrow grass lane to the left, behind some bushes, with tire tracks. We thought we’d give it a bash.

And right before us the most wonderful walk ever opened up 🙂

I put Pixie down, it was a totally new environment for her but secluded and safe

It was such a beautiful little lane, with shelter above us in the form of trees, meaning it was shaded and cool on such a hot day


Along the way we passed a few farmers’ gates with beautiful views and fields either side.

I could just feel myself relaxing, I was so happy and Pixie was cautiously beginning to enjoy the new place we were exploring.


So much green!!

Breathtaking view 🙂


At the end of the tree tunnel, by which point you could see it was barely used as the tire tracks were gone and there was no path just a grassy carpet, there was a gate with a style to the left. On the style was a public footpath sign, so we’d actually stumbled across the right path!

The large gate opened with ease and we stepped into a lovely field facing the sea

Pixie was really in her element now 🙂

She was bounding about all over the place (with me running to keep up on the other end of the longline!), following smells and contemplating sampling some cow poo.

I’ve honestly not seen her so happy on a walk, certainly not when she’s walking on her own. It was lovely to see!

At the end of this field there was a style, so I scooped Pixie up with no fuss (she’s getting SO much better at being picked up) and climbed over with her in my arms.

There was a nice patch of water to drink from here, a gushing stream to the left and pools of water in the grass, but Pixie didn’t want a drink.

The next field was just as fun to explore, but more overgrown with no chance of us finding the route, so we looped about then retraced our steps back to the style.

We climbed over again, bounded back through the first field, and passed through the gate back to our shaded tunnel.

About halfway back along the tunnel Pixie was flagging, so I scooped her up and tucked her comfortably in the pupoose, where she lay down almost immediately.

For the rest of the way back she was very content to watch the world pass her by and came close to dozing 🙂

So Pixie had a wonderful time on her first ever big walk, and on top of that I feel so much happier knowing there’s such a beautiful walk close by!

The other lovely walks are quite a trek to, whereas this one is literally five minutes away.

And some wobbly footage of Pixie having fun!

What a great day ^__^


6 thoughts on “Pixie’s best day in photos :)

    • We love it too 🙂 It’s getting harder and harder to remember how scared she was when she first came here now, which is always a good sign!

  1. Aw Pixie ❤ It's so lovely to see her bounding about without a care 🙂 That walk looks beautiful so glad you have found one so close by, it really is so relaxing to be surrounded by nature.

    • I was really surprised how well she did on a new walk. The night after we walked into town really late (she’s scared of the dark so it was the only way we could get a big walk in before bed!) and she was great there too. We even walked through the train station which involved an underground tunnel and she was just enjoying the smells 🙂

      It’s SUCH a beautiful walk, and it looks like nobody else uses it too which obviously makes it even better 😀

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