Moving towards a year with Rey

On the 25th of this month we will have had Raiden for an entire year.

In preparation for this momentous occasion we first bought toys and treats in (because duh!) and then turned our attention to making Rey look presentable.

Rey is a scruffy little sod, so this involved a lot of stripping!!

He started off looking like this:


For our first trim we focused on his face.

I’ve been putting this off for a long time as I’d never stripped or trimmed his face before and imagined he was going to protest and we’d have to put months of counter conditioning in…should have known that Raiden’s a super star and so it was all over and done with in less than two minutes 🙂

Can you see how the top of his beard and above & below his eyes have been de-haired??

Tidying up underneath the beard to happen at a later date 😉

Next I spent ten minutes stripping down his back, neck and sides using the Mars Coat King.

It’s always hard to show how hairy his back is irl, so here’s a hairy photo:

And here he is now!


That left his tail, belly, legs and under-beard to do, with three days to the deadline!

Over the next two days I stripped and trimmed his front legs, belly, side, and back legs. Raiden was *immense* with this; he had zero issues with my doing anything with him, and even when I held and trimmed around his paws (he doesn’t like having his paws held) he was grinning away whilst wondering what the hell I was doing 😀

By the 24th, today, he was starting to look very dapper indeed!

It’s immensely difficult to get photos showing him off because him and Pixie are always just a whirlwind of giddiness, but hopefully you can see the difference!!

I got most hair off his front legs and belly 🙂

And a before:


Here’s the hair heap from one session:

Ideally we’ll get chance to tidy up his tail and around his face today, but if we don’t, at least he looks presentable now bwahaha 🙂




“A year of me?! Does this mean presents??”

We will be celebrating one year with our fuzzy little scruff-mutt 🙂 ❤

I remember bringing him home as if it was yesterday. It’s been a very turbulent year for us as a family, but throughout it all there’s been Raiden, a lively, intelligent, and confident dog.

At 1 year old he is essentially bomb proof. And sure, maybe he does get too excited in some situations, but I’d rather he was as happy-with-anything as he is than impeccably behaved yet anxious 😉

I guess it’s time to get wrapping the presents huh??


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