Only the best birds have slippers!!

Oka is our diamond dove that has something wrong with her left foot / leg.

We don’t know if it’s congenital or an old injury; all that matters is the vets have said she won’t be in pain from it. The vets recommended we keep her in a small cage, which we do, and Oka’s a happy little dove.

The problem is that because the toes on her left foot don’t work and aren’t even in a foot shape (!) she CAN hobble about just fine, but she can’t climb or perch.

Watching her repeatedly trying to perch on the wooden branches we gave her, whilst her left foot repeatedly slipped off and eventually she’d flap to the floor, was incredibly sad 😦

So we invented a slipper, with the aim of giving her more purchase and protecting her foot ^__^


She spent most her time nesting in her foodbowl because she couldn’t perch 😦

Our first attempt at a slipper


This was just a piece of cloth, similar to sacking, that we very loosely attached to her foot with elastic and double sided tape.

Sadly it was utterly useless and although provided padding for her foot, it didn’t help her grip the perches at all :/


I spent all yesterday evening wracking my brain trying to think up something that could help, and today we tried another slipper design alongside cage modifications.

Here’s Pixie overseeing the procedure πŸ˜€


This slipper is made from a plain old bandage (I wanted to use the self-adhesive bandages that vets use, but we didn’t have any in which is unlike us :/ ), and fastened the bandage withΒ a dab of glue.


We then switched Oka to another cage and layered the floor with sandpaper instead of substrate like she is used to (extra grip!) and I glued sandpaper to a perch for her too, which I put on the ground so she could get on and off easier.



She’s been on the perch for hours now πŸ™‚

I wanted to get some funky-looking bandages from amazon, but they’re needlessly expensive…we’re going to pick some up from the supermarket in the next few days though, as that should have more grip than the bandage we’re using now.


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