Cute pet photography

Got some cute photos to share today πŸ™‚

First up we have Tristan bun – and the crowd goes wild!

Tristan is a young rabbit and is an English Spot cross mystery rabbit. He is extremely tiny, very cute, inquisitive and confident. He loves fuss and giving kisses πŸ˜‰



He gets along great with the kittens and today he even had his first hop-about with Pixie too!

Next up we have the adorable Pixie-poo…those eyes man πŸ™‚

B&w too, because why not?

And finally some kitten madness!


Pecan doing the leap of faith πŸ™‚



6 thoughts on “Cute pet photography

    • Aaaah I know!! I couldn’t believe when I went to resize the pic and noticed his tongue! Total lucky shot πŸ˜€

      And thank you ^__^

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