The ferret crate

I got eleven hours sleep last night- booyah!

For the moment, I feel great 🙂

I cleaned out Fabian’s cage thoroughly today, because he is a stinky little sod, and whilst I scrubbed the bases and levels down, I popped Fabes in the cat/Pixie crate.

How good does that look?! 😀

Also you remember that scared little Chihuahua cross who was terrified of all our other pets? Even Fabian doesn’t phase her these days!

Some adorable ferrety pics 😉


Home sweet home!


And an overall ferret update; I am getting more confident with him and on his part Fabian is settling in well. He is much more responsive to being stroked and picked up, and he is nipping waaaay less – so much less in fact that yesterday I only wore one gardening glove and handled him with a bare hand 🙂

A few nights ago Fabian kept waking us up, at least a dozen times in one night. The next morning as I was sat next to his cage, I caught him redhanded…

He was hell bent on getting that huge rattly toy up through that tiny hole, and it made a right racket!!




4 thoughts on “The ferret crate

    • Well it’s funny you ask that because I did lift the toy up onto the level and the little sod pushed it back down to try fit it through the hole again!!! Apparently the fun is in the failure XD

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