Pixie & Rey play and train together

We missed their intro yesterday because I was tired and ill, but we were back on form today πŸ™‚

The pups impressed us greatly by doing the best they have so far with each other.

They’re a match made in heaven, but they each have their different areas that we need to work on.

ForΒ Raiden he needs to learn to not be too OTT. Whilst he is great when Pixie is playing and bounding about with him, when she sits or lays down, he gets obsessive with licking and sniffing her. He’s made progressΒ in this area already but there’s room for much more improvement Β πŸ˜‰


For Pixie she needs to learn to leave Rey alone when he is ‘working’ – when Raiden successfully calls away from her (which is AMAZING and which he definitely needs huge rewards for) she goes barrelling after him, distracts him, and makes the giving of treats difficult πŸ˜›

Thankfully these two aren’t resource guarders at all, they’ve not been together much but I’m already comfortable feeding treats side-by-side and don’t panic if one sniffs at the treat the other is getting.

If that happened with Kasper I would interfere if Pixie so much as *looked* at his treat, but it hasn’t been an issue at all with the young ‘uns so far πŸ™‚

Anyway, today we had our longest together time so far, with Raiden and Pixie playing for 25 minutes.

Much of that was both of them bounding about the room playing madly, but there was also some time where Pixie lay on her back and Rey sniffed her, some time of Rey going off and doing his own thing as Pixie chased after him begging him to play, and even some training took place with both of them together!!


We managed to strip Rey whilst my partner fed both dogs treats, which I was amazed by, I was very proud of Raiden πŸ™‚

Then we did a nice long session of side-by-side treating; we spent several minutes sat together with me feeding first one dog then the other πŸ™‚

Raiden is so happy to have a friend, Pixie could get away with murder πŸ™‚


12 thoughts on “Pixie & Rey play and train together

  1. Thank you for posting this up here. Have been working with Ziva and Moe on getting along. Moe is a cat and he is fine with Ziva but Ziva sounds a lot like Raiden, having to sniff and becomes obsessed with Moe. I do a lot of exercises so when she is tuckered out she tends to leave him alone. Thank you again!

    • Gotta love those over-enthusiastic and overly friendly pets!

      We’ve seen a lot of improvement in just a week or so with these two, but there’s still a lot to be done…I’m at least glad they both like each other, dealing with an excited pup is much nicer than dealing with a scared pup πŸ™‚

      I hope you continue to make progress with Ziva and Moe!

  2. This is so lovely, so glad they are continuing becoming the best of buds πŸ˜€ It’s great to read about your intros as I’m really hoping we can foster sometime soon maybe in the new year so all this stuff is great for getting tips from πŸ™‚

    • They’re doing soooo great with each other, today was the first time we had toys down around them both and there were zero issues πŸ™‚

      Ah that’s exciting, what a venture! Can’t wait to read about your experiences if you do foster πŸ™‚

      • Aw that’s great you were able to have toys down! I’m all up for fostering but since we have a holiday coming up in Nov/Dec I don’t think it would be fair to leave it so soon, but hoping afterwards we can, just need to convince my partner and I think he’s starting to see the light haha at least I hope so!

      • Do you have a rescue in mind, would it be the one that you adopted Bonnie from? Is it a breed specific rescue? Do you have any favoured breeds or ages? (I’m very curious haha, we kinda thought about fostering dogs but don’t think we’d be strong enough so we stick to smaller fuzzies πŸ™‚ )

      • I’ve looked into some rescues that are foster home based but haven’t settled on one just yet. It wouldn’t be the same one we got Bonnie from as that’s 90 minutes drive away.
        I wouldn’t mind any breed or age really but because of Bonnie’s personality I wouldn’t foster a lab, husky or any dog with that kind of play style as she really doesn’t like in your face dogs. She would be great with a puppy or younger dog as she would probably be able to teach it appropriate boundaries (with us intervening as necessary of course) as she only gets annoyed with pushy dogs that don’t respect stress signals but she doesn’t get aggressive with “corrections”. She probably wouldn’t cope well with an adolescent dog that’s already pushy or lacking in social skills but an older more settled dog would suit her rightly too.
        I think though I would love to foster another border collie because there are so so many in pounds here – so much so that many end up getting shipped over to the Border Collie Trust in England to stand a chance 😦 and also because we are aware of their physical and mental needs and tendency to shyness etc.
        I know fine rightly there might be a chance if it goes well I wouldn’t be able to part with the foster dog and we would be failed fosters lol but for us it’s also a way of testing the waters for if Bonnie would be happy living with another dog without the lifetime commitment. As although she has “lived” with other dogs like back when my partner’s mum looked after Bonnie in her house with their staffy and staying at our boarders house with her 2 mini schnauzers and she loved that but it might be different when it’s with us in case there is any jealousy etc

      • She sounds like how Kasper used to be…really he was great with any dog, but he especially enjoyed puppies or younger-but-not-rude-adolescent dogs. Now he’s just an absolute grump and tells off any and every dog in his house for anything XD

        Yeah, I think part of what puts us off fostering is already having two (three?!) dogs haha, and also that we rent so if the dog wasn’t crate trained and destroyed door frames etc, it could be worrisome. And with Kasper a grump these days he wouldn’t do well with dogs constantly coming and going.

        I think it’s a really good way to go about getting a second dog, seeing what fosters come your way and how you, your partner and Bonnie feel about it. And I can totally empathise with Bonnie not appreciating Lab or Husky play haha…everytime I see an off lead Lab racing towards us I sigh XD

      • Hehe Kasper the wee old grump πŸ˜› that’s sometime what I think of Bonnie – a wee old grumpy woman beyond her years xD Yea I don’t think I could cope beyond 2 maybe 3 dogs max so it’s definitely a good way to see first of all if Bonnie can handle it and second if we can handle it, Bonnie sometimes is a handful by herself haha

      • Kasper used to love any and all dogs and he was an OTT ‘PLAY WITH ME’ arse, but at 2 years he decided he was all mature in that way and was going to tell off any bouncy dog that ran at him XD

        I think a lot of how many dogs you can manage depends on the dogs themselves too. Kasper and Zoey had so many issues tat owning Pixie feels like a walk in the park, despite her extensive list of fears. Rey’s easy because he loves everything, tires easily, and sleeps for hours in the crate. Pixie can walk with either of the boys whereas Kasper couldn’t walk successfully with many dogs, and separate walks take up a lot more time and energy!

        If we had four Pixie and Rey’s, it would be much easier than having just Kasper or Kasper and Zoey XD

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