I feel utterly exhausted today.

I really really wish my body was better at sleeping when it was tired. At any point when it needed a nap today I would have dropped whatever I was doing and slept, but the four times I’ve laid down exhausted and waited for sleep, it hasn’t come.

I’m incredibly tired. The four weeks of minimal sleep thanks to Pixie has finally caught up with me.

Alongside symptoms of my illness this utter exhaustion is making me want to cry…not from sadness, I just feel overwhelmed even though I’m not doing anything, and TIRED! And fed up :/

There have been so many things I’ve wanted to get done today and I’ve barely made a dent in them.

I added ventilation to a RUB then switched the female mice over to the larger cage; we shuffled the furniture so the cats have more climbing places; I walked Pixie with Kasper and that’s pretty much it.

We still need to fit in an intro between Rey and Pixie, have Fabian out for a minimum of 45 minutes, handle the mice, and feed all the smaller pets…I could easily do it now but I am too tired to function…I HATE how crap my body is at sleep >__<

I was supposed to be walking Pixie again now, but bless him my partner’s taken her out as it’s raining so should hopefully only take a few minutes to squeeze some toileting out of her!

I saw a rabbit that is the spitting image of Tristan a few weeks ago 🙂

Someone needs new homes for her bonded rabbits; the male is an English Spot and the female an English Spot cross. Remember when we didn’t know what breeds Tristan was, and my mum guessed English Spot?! Looks like she nailed it, despite knowing nothing about rabbits!

Here’s the pair:

She’s not from the same litter as Tristan either because she’s significantly older. I guess it could be his mum, but the female’s neutered and Tristan’s still pretty young. Weird huh??

Here are some photos of Tristan for comparison though…they’re like the same XD




3 thoughts on “Twinny

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  2. Hi there, I have just discovered all of your posts and am enjoying reading them. I, too, have the energy drops owing to mental health challenges. I love your little mice and rabbits. they look very well cared for and happy.

    • Ah thank you very much 🙂 It’s tough wen your energy fails, especially when you have a pup who has his or her own needs…I struggle with my patience on down days too and it’s awful trying to keep positive around the dogs! Thank you, we adore all our furkids 🙂

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