A walk with Kasper & Pixie

It was their turn to go for a walk together this morning 🙂

We vary who goes off lead (they can’t go off lead together yet – Kasper’s fault, he’s still learning not to be OTT or grumpy with her!!) so today Pixie went off lead with her longline dragging, and Kasper stayed on his longline.

I am really starting to work on Pixie’s recall now, and a positive association with her name being called and coming towards the person.

Hopefully you can see how great she is getting at this; when we first got her, recall to her meant someone was angry with her and she was going to be punished.

Video of them on the field with Pixie off lead, and walking back both on lead.

I also managed to take some photos of Pixie wearing her new nervous harness outdoors on a walk.

(you can find our review of the harness here)

We were hanging about in this carpark a good few minutes as there was a child of about 8 who kept looking back at our dogs, walked around the corner, but didn’t pass through the gate. We knew he was hiding just around the corner, most likely in the hopes of greeting our dogs, which was NOT happening, so we hung about a minute or two then my partner went to ask him to move along politely and said our dogs weren’t friendly 🙂

So now Pixie has a nervous harness, a nervous lead, a sleeve that says ‘KEEP YOUR DISTANCE’ and a sleeve that says ‘IN TRAINING’!


After the excitement of the walk, Pixie decided to lie on my lap in a very ladylike manner bwahaha 😀


3 thoughts on “A walk with Kasper & Pixie

  1. The harness looks good still a shame it’s not too great but looks good. Also really love the training you both are putting in with your dog’s it’s great to see their progress.

  2. Aww love the video, again can’t believe it’s the same little Pixie from a few weeks back ❤ Hehe that unlady like pose is very common around here – Bonnie is a total hussy xD

    • I know she’s changed so much. When I think back to how she first was now I can’t wrap my head around it 🙂

      Hahaha Kasper’s the only one who sleeps on his back in this house but he LOVES leaving it all on show XD

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