Busy Buddy Twist n Treat: review

A few days ago we bought the Busy Buddy Twist n Treat.

As we were buying it for Pixie we bought the extra small size. Pixie is a Chihuahua cross Dachshund, and this is a nice size for her.

Price: £2.20!

What is it?

The Twist n Treat is a tough rubber puzzle feeder that screws together.

You take both ends apart by unscrewing it, insert treats in the lip (dry or wet) and then screw the top over them.


The screw part means you can decide how much of a gap is left, and how difficult the puzzle toy is. For larger treats leave a bigger gap or, if your dog’s a novice, use small treats and still leave a bigger gap.


Our thoughts

In the four weeks we have had Pixie we haven’t been able to feed her from puzzle toys. Getting her to eat her daily allowance of food from a bowl was hard enough, as she was just too scared and had no appetite due to fear.

A few weeks ago we were managing to get Pixie to eat a good amount of food. We mixed wet dog food with wet cat food, and she’d eat that okay.

We haven’t been too worried about her lack of appetite as we knew it was fear, we were fairly confident it would get better, and she could do with losing some weight anyway haha! 🙂

This past week she has been eating better and better, and now polishes off all the food she is given regularly, and is eating a mix of dog kibble, wet dog food, and a small dollop of cat food.

It was time for her to try her very first puzzle feeder 😀

She has used the Twist n Treat three times now, and is confident when using it. She gets excited when I pick it up and eagerly watches me fill it. She moves it about, carries it, and chews it.

We have a very happy puppy 🙂

The good

  • Very easy to use
  • Difficulty can be adapted
  • Great price
  • Comes in a range of sizes
  • Feels robust and would suit light-moderate chewers, I cannot say for heavier chewers until we have tried a larger one with Kasper 😉
  • Looks very easy to clean
  • Can be used for wet or dry treats

The bad

  • There is a slight chance, depending on how your dog went about trying to empty it, that they could unscrew the Twist n Treat

In conclusion we rate the Twist n Treat 4 out of 4 paws!




4 thoughts on “Busy Buddy Twist n Treat: review

  1. Aww Pixie is so sweet and gentle with it. It looks like a pretty cool puzzle feeder but I seriously need to resist spending any more money haha I’m really glad she’s eating more normally now, just took her a bit of time to come around the little critter.

    • Haha she’s very cute with it 🙂 It’s a surprisingly good puzzle toy for how cheap it is, I’ve wanted one for aaages and it hasn’t disappointed. They do a few other toys I like the look of too, very interested in the Barnacle!

      Hahahaha tell me about it, I’m addicted to buying dog products!! Trying my very best to find the real bargains now hehe 🙂

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