Pixie played, and photos of others

First up, Pixie and Rey played off lead together on a nearby field for 20 minutes!

Getting there was a pain in the arse as both (Raiden especially) just wanted to run at each other.

When we held them far enough apart to walk Rey was mostly just pulling back to her and doing his horrendous whiny-yappy-screaming…this is similar to the noise he made upon meeting our friend when he was about 6 months old, and people came out their houses to see what was going on!!!

It is his first time walking with a dog since he was about 12 weeks old though, so I can’t blame him for being excited.

To begin with we left leads trailing as they played  off lead, but as they tangled a few times we took Pixie’s off – that’s right, Pixie was the one we chose to fully let off lead!

We knew she’d always run back to Rey (she is SUCH a dogs’ dog!) and all she wanted was to stay close to him, she wouldn’t run up to anybody else. Rey on the other hand was blowing his recall left right and centre, and although all he wanted was Pixie we left the longline trailing just in case.

It was FANTASTIC watching them play 🙂

It was the best thing ever seeing Pixie completely in her element, running at top speed and having another dog chase her. It was awesome.

Also, embarrassingly for Raiden…she could easily outrun him!!!

She’s half his size (not exaggerating, she can run under his belly when he’s standing!) and she’s a Dachshund cross Chihuahua so not known for speed haha, but she’s bloody fast when she wants to be!

They played for about twenty minutes and both were *exhausted* by the end.

During that time we had to keep picking Raiden up for time outs as not only  was he over-excited already but when they stopped to catch a breather he’d get obsessed with sniffing Pixie, especially her lady parts. You little perv Rey 😉

But to say Rey has NEVER played with another dog so long in his life, and he doesn’t have much experience playing with other dogs at all, he did fab. It didn’t seem like his yappy-bark play noise was as loud either.

Unfortunately we didn’t get any good video footage.

I asked my partner to film them but it turned out his clip was really short…I was really pissed at this when realistically it’s a really easy thing to do and we did have our hands full. Bad me, be nicer to the one you love!

On top of the clip being short, the quality SUUUCKS because I had to re-film the recording on my camera, ugh! Regardless here is a ten second clip of puppy play, and I’ll try get more later 🙂

The one shitty thing that happened on the walk was the stupid woman trying to approach Pixie again!!!

You’d think that, as last time I repeatedly told her Pixie was very scared and to please not approach, she wouldn’t rush out her house and still try run up to her…unfortunately not *sigh* :/

We were walking past her house with Rey and Pixie, and Pixie was sniffing some grass.

What do you know the woman was out like a shot, stood at her open front door – she literally stands and waits for people with dogs, and runs out to assault any she sees. Grrrr!

She started coming out the house towards us and I was both unbelieving and furious. The lady shouted to me, with the stupid grin she reserves for when she’s pestering my dogs, “Is she still just as bad?” (as in, is Pixie still as fearful).

This pissed me off even more; just because Pixie is scared of strangers doesn’t mean there’s *anything* wrong with her.

Also we’ve only had her 4 weeks so of course she’s still going to be scared, you saw how terrified she was! On top of that you are yet again ignoring our lead sleeve that asks you to stay away.

Normally I am polite with people, to a fault. I struggle to stand up for my dogs, I can’t stand up for myself, and anything I do ask of strangers is said politely.

However I am SO done with her >:-(

When she asked if Pixie was still scared, hoping for a conversation, I just said “Yes. [happy voice] Come on Pixie, let’s go!” then totally ignored her.

It was sooo obvious I was moving Pixie entirely because of the woman, so if she continues to be an arse I really might explode at her.

We’ve been struggling to avoid her with various dogs for years, but with Pixie being so fearful I am fast running out of patience. I might post a note through her door, but then she might come out to ‘apologise’…

Anyway, funny photos of Tristan bun, and some of our very fearful rescue rats 🙂



The rattie boys are 6 months old now!

They’re still very fearful in that you can’t interact with them but, if you respect their wishes, they will hang out in the cage as you talk nearby and watch them. They love hanging out and napping in the sun 🙂

Jeffrey (agouti) is more timid than Donnie, but to say how they started off I am proud of both of them.

These rats were bought by someone from Pets At Home when they were still young enough to need their mother. They bit this lady repeatedly until she could no longer cope, and asked if we would take them.

They were extremely, extremely fearful, yet they would always choose flight over fight. By trying my hardest not to push or scare them, they have never even tried to bite me.

You can see their baby pics in this post 😉


3 thoughts on “Pixie played, and photos of others

  1. That video is the best! I don’t even feel like I’m looking at the same dog! I am so so glad she is still making such good progress with the help of yous and your two boys, it’s just so heartwarming to see 🙂 Also love to see updates on the other fur babies!

    • Ahhh thank you so much, this comment means the world ^__^

      Although I feel bad about how often I post hehe, please don’t feel pressured to read all my blog posts, I post far too much XD

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