I becomes We

Just had another walk with Kasper and Pixie!

I took Pixie out for a few minutes to begin with, so she could go to the loo (she didn’t), but then once she’s waking about on lead it’s almost impossible to pick her up as that’s one of her scariest things.

My partner and Kasper were approaching and Pixie still wasn’t in the pupoose, so I just looked over at them and shrugged apologetically XD

As soon as Pixie saw Kasper she was ecstatic, there wasn’t an ounce of fear…you’d better believe it felt awesome to see that!

She bounded up but wasn’t all in his face, which Kasper definitely appreciated, and we set off on our walk.

Initially both dogs were pulling like excited maniacs on leads, which I can’t blame them for and didn’t feel there was any point trying to work on that at all…let them pull, they’re both happy and excited, it’s the least of my worries.

I cannot begin to describe the difference in Pixie when she is walking with Kasper.

She is a completely different dog and so far there hasn’t been an ounce of fear. She doesn’t stop and peer around at her surroundings, and she doesn’t just trot along at my side – she’s bounding, tail wagging, exploring!

We made it to the nearby field (where we’d only managed to get with her once before and it took about 20 minutes – this time we were there in less than five!) and the dogs did their own thing.

The great thing with Pixie is that she doesn’t obsess over Kasper. She absorbs his confidence on walks, but she’s not constantly by his side or trying to sniff his face or jump on him. We all appreciate that 😉

On the walk today a middle-aged woman passed us, near to the start of the walk too. This would normally have been enough for Pixie to freeze, cower or huff, but walking with Kasper she glanced at the woman then carried on, panting happily.

The woman walked directly past Pixie, on Pixie’s right hand side and about 5ft away.

After a really awesome walk, where me and my partner were constantly ducking and diving so the leads didn’t get tangled, we left Kasper and my partner at the back garden and walked around to the front.

There was an old lady at the busy stop (Pixie’s least favourite) and she froze as soon as she saw the woman, when we were still about 15-20ft away.

We crossed the road and walked past, Pixie very alert and huffing. I wonder how alarmed she’d have been if Kasper was there?

We’ll be doing a few more of Kasper’s walks with Pixie in tow now, the hardest part is going to be keeping Kasper from trying to play rough with Pixie (she’s about the size of his head, and when he doesn’t know a dog he’s accidentally rough) and from stopping Kasper obsessing over me or telling Pixie to leave me alone. We also have to be very aware of what Kasper’s doing, because high value sniffs or edibles will be resource guarded against!

Fairly easy things to manage, and the benefits far outweigh the negatives…I’ve never seen Pixie so happy on her walks ^__^

We’ve got a great little team going on! 🙂



4 thoughts on “I becomes We

    • Thanks 🙂 We’re going to try a walk with Rey and Pixie today, but Rey might turn into a vocal loon and we might have to call it off XD

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