Something truly amazing happened today 🙂

We’ve been introducing Pixie to Kasper slowly, because the first time she met him she was really very scared. He’s a big dog, but even when he wasn’t looking at her, or when he was on his back begging her to say hi, she was terrified.

Yesterday we discovered Pixie doesn’t object to being carried in the pupoose, and so we’ve been utilising this…it gets us out the house without having to drag Pixie further than she’s comfortable, and we can be together without leaving her.

But another awesome thing is that we can walk Kasper, and in the pupoose Pixie feels safe 🙂


She is the PERFECT size for this!

This means I get to walk Kasper, I can spend time outdoors with him and my partner, and alongside these great things the pupoose is socialising Pixie to the outside world and getting her used to one of our other dogs.

We just had the fourth pupoose walk, and Pixie was doing so well I thought I’d see if she wanted to walk with Kasper a small distance away.

Guys, it was SO CUTE!

Of course Kasper wanted to sniff and say hi, which rendered Pixie on her back with her tummy in the air, but Kasper’s a really polite greeter, so when he saw this sign of fear he immediately went and did his own thing.

Pixie watched for a second or two – then belted after him!

They walked side-by-side and Pixie was just ecstatic 🙂 ❤

Kasper was amazing and, other than pulling on lead in excitement (which I easily forgive him for) he didn’t put a foot wrong.


After a few minutes walking together, Pixie was just oozing happiness. It was utterly, utterly adorable. She would follow whatever sniffs Kasper was tracing, and bound after him if he got too far away.

Her bum was wriggling like crazy, she did a play bow or two, and she was significantly less fearful of a few of her usual triggers because her attention was on Kasper, and anyway he wasn’t reacting so it can’t be that scary can it? 😉

We parted ways behind our house because we go in the front and Kasper goes in the back (separate rooms for them remember), and Pixie wouldn’t move at first and was just looking for Kasper!

We’ll continue to do two walks with Kasper a day, starting with Pixie in the pupoose. Over time we’ll increase the time they’re walking together.

Alongside this she gets one playtime with Raiden a day and spends most her time with the cats, especially if left alone.

I’m so glad Pixie continues to get along very well with my boys 🙂

Not only do other dogs scare her but with certain dogs she will bark and growl at them too. She has never done this with my boys. I’m very proud of all three of them ❤


6 thoughts on “YAAAAAAY!

  1. I’m so happy for you guys! This is so awesome that she is gaining confidence from Kasper 😀 She is just such a little darling and I’m so happy she’s learning through Kasper and Raiden 🙂

    • Ah thank you so much 😀 They did a full 30 min walks together just now! Was really interesting as Pixie didn’t react to a single person when she was with Kasper (one lady walked within 5ft of us!!) but when we left Kasper at the back garden and she came round the front, she was huffing at an old lady even though we’d crossed the road!

      Crazy how much another dog can help! (I was going to say how a ‘stable’ or ‘confident’ dog can help, but that’s so not Kasper bwahahaha!!!)

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