Pixie’s BIG list of fears

I talked about doing this blog weeks ago, and then I remembered today and thought it would be fun and interesting to do.

There are too many fears to arrange in order of scariest to least scariest, so instead I’ve split them into three tiers – RED = absolutely terrifying, BLUE = makes her very sad and scared, AMBER = things that make her anxious or concerned.

Red fears

  • People walking past on the pavement
  • Men walking within 30ft of us
  • Other dogs within 30ft
  • Old women within 20ft
  • ‘Unusual’ people, eg. walking with a cane, hoods, drunk etc
  • People talking that she can’t see, eg. in gardens or houses with open windows
  • Having her harness put on
  • Having her lead clipped on
  • Leaving the  house when it’s dark
  • Walking in the dark
  • Walks when it’s windy
  • Dogs barking, including if she can’t see them
  • People coming into the house (probably her biggest fear but hasn’t needed to happen yet)
  • Being picked up
  • Very large or noisy vehicles going past
  • Loud knocking at the door
  • Us answering the door

Blue fears

  • Children close by
  • My partner sometimes coming into the house
  • Moving furniture
  • Getting forced to move on lead (eg. if she wants to walk on the road or I see something scary approaching)
  • Walking down narrow paths, eg stairs or alleys
  • My partner initiating contact or talking to her
  • Sirens when we’re outside
  • Any more than two people together, of any age
  • Cars driving past on our side of the road when it’s dark

Amber fears

  • Our rabbit
  • Our dogs
  • Seeing / walking by cats on walks
  • Children playing or walking over the road from us
  • Cyclists
  • Certain routes / roads
  • Having her name called or asked to come here
  • Asking her what she’s doing, even in a happy tone
  • Taking treats from my partner
  • Leaving the house for walks
  • Responding to certain (most) cues, initial fearful reaction or hesitation
  • Vans or smaller lorries going past
  • New things appearing, eg. large pieces of litter, tape tied to fences etc
  • Litter or bags blowing

And an added GREEN section of things that she is surprisingly okay with 🙂

Green fears

  • The vacuum
  • Firework noises on TV
  • Meeting Rey indoors (she was scared, but even then wanted to interact with him)
  • Our cats (again, was scared but now loves them)
  • Being carried in the baby sling (was a little scared, but nowhere near as expected)
  • Fine being talked to, played with, and cuddled by me (was scared, now doing good!)

It will be fun to see how this list changes as the weeks pass.

And here’s the little miss herself. Doesn’t she look wonderful? 🙂


10 thoughts on “Pixie’s BIG list of fears

  1. Poor Pixie, she’s in the right hands being with you guys 🙂 I dread to think about writing Bonnie’s fears in a list as it seems we have made so little progress for many of them :/

    • Thank you 🙂 I think the only reason we’ve seen progress with Pixie is because the vast majority of her fears were so extreme…it’s kinda easy to see when a fear goes from cowering and hiding in a corner to just trembling, for example!

      I know with Kasper a lot of his fears took months if not years for us to see any progress, so don’t despair! His fear of men took a good few years, trimming nails took about 4 years, and fear of vets is still there.

      It can totally feel like you’re making zilch progress. When we first adopted Kasper and with Pixie too, I take time everyday to remember what she was like when she first came home, because paying attention to any progress (even if it’s tiiiiny) is a good boost 😀

      • Thanks you’re definitely right it’s important to pay attention to any small improvement 🙂 I think I will follow your lead and make a post about it maybe closer to her gotcha day on Halloween and see how far we have come and also what we still need to work on 🙂

      • Aw that’d be an exciting thing to post near her gotcha 🙂

        Omb I can’t believe her Gotcha is coming around again, I remember her first like it was yesterday!

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