The pen extends

As Fabian settles and get to know us, his play area is extending.

We also had Pixie in her crate today, which was an extra incentive to make the pen bigger as, if Fabian did manage to escape, at least Pixie would be safe from him and he would be safe from her πŸ™‚

Oh – Pixie was silent overnight in the crate and I got my first full nights’ sleep (she whined quietly for about five minutes then settled). She was in the crate about 45 minutes as we played with Fabe and had a few bursts of protesting but shut up when ignored.

Fabian’s play area:

I’m still wearing gardening gloves around him (although my first wounds have healed!) as we’ve read about a good training strategy on a forum – putting him in a ‘sin bin’ when he bites too hard.

This will be an empty cat carrier or plastic box, and he gets left in for a few minutes then let out and ignored.

Once we’ve found something to use as a sin bin I feel like I should really go about it all bare handed, but obviously I’m scared because his bites bloody hurt!! My partner would wear gloves because he’s more scaredy than me, but I feel like I have to ditch them :/

Fabian was adorable out today ^__^

Lots of play bounding, sprinting, even a bit of dooking! He tried his ball pit and his tunnel πŸ™‚




He was a lot less nippy today and I felt more confident with him, in fact he only bit too hard / latched onto the gloves once.

I’m sure it’s a combination of him settling in and getting used to things, and me being less jumpy thanks to the gloves too.

His cage has had lots of new things added.

The top floor now has a plastic level under his snuggle area, as he kept flinging the blanets off and then his legs would slip through the wire. Now there’s no chance of that happening.

The middle tier has a level added above the hammock (see where the food bowl is in the pic above?) as he knocked the ladder leading to the top tier off a few times, and then struggled to get up. The new level should prevent that from being an issue.

The middle tier still has very little on it as any toys there end up being pushed to the bottom. It’s more a running space, but I might move some chew toys to that tier.

The bottom tier now has two extra levels up near the roof, which lead to a a cardboard box with some ball pit balls in.

The idea is that there’s no gap for the cardboard pit to be tipped over or knocked down, as otherwise everything ends up in his litter tray!!

And he has a few new chew toys as well.


And the whole cage πŸ™‚



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