Top cats!

Both the boys love to climb and fling themselves about madly.

For Pecan it’s something he enjoys doing, but for Enzo it’s a passion!


It’s not just the height that Enzo enjoys, but the climb too. Whilst Pecan enjoys the odd vertical climb he usually bounces his way up – armchair to windowsill to lower cat tree shelf to the top.

For Enzo, the fun is to be gained from scaling the long vertical pole and proudly surveying his domain 🙂


Enzo’s also much more of a leaper, and will madly jump on or off things, whereas Pecan opts for the careful descent which almost always goes terribly wrong XD

As well as having a very tall cat tree to scale downstairs, the boys are using the higher shelves in their cat room more and more too.

Most times we go to let them out they come racing either from on top of their double storey crate, or being carefully balanced on top of one of their narrow cat shelves. Watching them climb is always so much fun 🙂


Finally I had the best start to a day today!

1. Pixie let me sleep through the night

This was obviously huge, but slightly ruined by my body waking me up after just 4 hours sleep because that’s what it’s used to!! Nevertheless I  was only up for an hour, then slept through until morning when me and Pixie woke up together and started the day with a lovely cuddle and play session.

Huzzah for eight hours sleep!!

2. Pixie got excited when my partner woke up

This was literally my favoritest thing ever and has never happened before.

When he opened his eyes and moved she went over wagging and moved as close to him as possible. She rolled for a belly rub, repeatedly asked for more when he stopped to check she wanted extra fuss, and was just happy to see him.


I hope this awesome start means it’s going to be a good day. Yesterday sucked thanks to some really hard-hitting symptoms…nothing like Bipolar throwing awful things at you out the blue to ruin a day 😛



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