Into the crate you go!

We introduced Pixie to the crate today, a nice XXL one with a bed and blanket inside.

Enzo thought the crate was fab 😉

There are several reasons for us crate training her:

  1. I desperately need to get my body sleeping again, and can’t risk her waking me by scratching my face in the night – I’m concerned my symptoms are getting worse due to poor sleep, plus being woken by scratching claws just HURTS and is dangerous!
  2. It will be nice to eat in peace without her hovering and freaking out when I ask her (as gently as possible) to back off a little!
  3. It will help with dog-to-dog intros
  4. It will be nice to be able to put her in there when handling our other pets, and when leaving her alone
  5. I want her to have a safe space

A lot of the things above we could manage with training, such as eating in peace, but it’s extremely hard with her as you can’t train her. She can still only work on very easy, simple tricks, and we can only train a minute at a time a few times a day. Any more and she gets overwhelmed and shuts down.

As much as I want the crate to be a safe place, we have to kind of put her in and shut the door. We can’t do gradual intros to the crate as again, you can’t train her. It would take months and months and months.

So to try help her she will only being fed in there, only get chews in there, and I’ll leave treats hidden in there.

We’re just gonna have to see how it goes, but at this point I need sleep, I’d love to eat in peace, and I really want to stop Pixie obsessing over me so much.

I’m concerned that she’s so obsessed with me it’s stalling her relationship with my partner.

She’s used to being a one person dog; she ALWAYS has to sleep on me, be right next to me, and she gets jealous when I talk to anyone else; my partner, the cats, rodents. She whines when I go upstairs or leave the room.

She’s been here almost four weeks now and my partner still can’t stroke or interact with her at all; she might sniff or let him stroke her once or twice a day if he’s lucky.

I want to use the crate as a way to increase distance from me, provide her with a den, and as a safe place for when we sleep or go out.


“You expect me to sleep in THERE?!”

I’m also going to back off just a little – not be as OTT fussy, and encourage my partner to do more positives with her…feed her, play with her etc.

I’ll still do the ‘bad guy’ stuff like putting her harness and lead on, popping her in the crate etc, and we’ll still cuddle and play, but I don’t want me to be her entire world.

Of course she might end up HATING the crate, but we gotta try.

Tonight I put her into the crate and shut the door. She had a pigs’ ear but wasn’t interested in it. She was quiet in there though, which I took to be a good sign.

I let her out as she was still being quiet, and now ten minutes later she’s gone back in to sniff out treats 🙂

I’ll be putting her in the crate overnight tonight. We sleep right next to where the crate is positioned, so we’ll just have to see how it goes.


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