The 4am ferret blog!

Scroll down for ferret pics 😉

Another Pixie wake up, another night of shite sleep. I really REALLY need to figure out a way to get her to sleep through the night…

Not only am I a person who needs a lot of sleep, but back when I had fairly typical Bipolar, lack of sleep almost always triggered a manic episode – not weeks of missed sleep either, one night where I got substantially less sleep was enough to trigger a manic episode that would last months.

With over three weeks of broken or missed sleep, even though my Bipolar is completely different these days, I’m still flabbergasted that  I’m not manic right now…instead I’m just tired XD

Tonight Pixie woke me up by clawing my face a few times (I have a huge welt on my chin as proof!) and, when I continued to turn my face away to ignore her, she then proceeded to bark and pounce about me, to get me to play *pissed off tired face*

The worst thing about me is that I wake incredibly easily, and once awake it takes me literally hours to get back to sleep…this is why I used to be so easily triggered for mania!!

It’s very rare that I’m glad my Bipolar has morphed away from severe mood swings and more towards 24/7 psychosis…this is one of those very few times 😉

And the reason I get *really* annoyed, is that once Pixie has woken me she often goes straight back to sleep herself – AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!


I even thought there was a chance she’d sleep through last night – she had a late (short) walk, a lot of play (for her), bounced about with the cats, and then had stimulation meeting and getting scared over the ferret.

Please check out this post for things we’d like to do with Pixie to tire her, but can’t. Ideas welcome!

It’s fine Pixie, you sleep. I’ll sit here absolutely exhausted and write a blog about our ferret… 😦


Ferret time!!

My partner got back with the ferret about 8.30pm, and the little guy is so much bigger than I thought he’d be!

I about wet myself with excitement when I first saw him hahaha!

I have wanted a ferret for so long, and the sweetest thing is, this is the exact ferret I’ve always pictured myself having – the first ferrets I ever played with, bowling them across the pet shop floor one after the other, looked exactly like this, so I always imagined mine having the same colouring 🙂

D’awww! ❤

I’d already swapped about which cage he was going to be living in.

We switched from the 80x50x140cm cage to the two storey 100cm cage, because with that we can attach a Furet Plus to the top too, meaning it is substantially bigger than the other cage.

Please say hello to Fabian 🙂

Fabian is an 11 week old male ferret. He is the largest from his litter and my partner, weirdly, is completely enamored with him.

I have to admit I haven’t really gotten to interact with him at all yet. We got him settled in the cage, then I fell asleep haha. I’m excited to watch him in the day, possibly let him out to explore a small penned area, and add him some hammocks and tents which are arriving tomorrow ^__^

He has the *sweetest* little face, and I’m so excited to get to know him.


He got right down to exploring the cage and furnishings, and when I opened the door for pics, he was more than happy to climb onto the door, try come out, sniff me etc 🙂

Isn’t he gorgeous?! ❤


Originally I wanted to call him Goose, but almost as soon as he arrived home I knew it wasn’t right for him.

I spent a few minutes observing him, and came up with the names Sebastian and Fabian. My partner then picked the final name: Fabian it is 🙂

He’s up and about as I write this blog, climbing all over. I’ll probably add the Furet topper to his cage in the morning, and some point in the day I just have to let him out for his first handling / play session.

Ferret kits are known for their nippiness…it’s gonna be like having an itty-bitty puppy all over again ^__^


4 thoughts on “The 4am ferret blog!

    • Thank you 🙂 I’ve liked the name Fabian for a long time so it’s only fitting to give it to a pet I’ve wanted for years too 😀

    • Haha thank you 😀 I was so excited waiting for him to arrive yesterday and didn’t have anyone that would share my excitement…finally video chatted my dad and he was suitably jealous 😛

      Thanks! I really wanted my first ferret to have his colouring, so when we contacted the breeder I was a little scared – there was Fabian and then his two brothers were white!

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