I’m so excited!!

Ever since the age of about ten, I have always wanted a pet ferret.

At 12 I had a science teacher who also kept and bred ferrets, and I swear half my science lessons were spent quizzing him on the merits of ferret ownership and asking him if my set-up ideas sounded good!

My dad also really wanted a ferret, but my mum was a huge hurdle we couldn’t overcome.

My parents were both pretty lax about pets when I was growing up, probably because I was so desperate for a dog. My mum has some serious allergies to everything fluffy and feathered, so to make up for my lack of dog they would let me own other pets that my mum could cope with.

We had gerbils, hamsters, rats, chickens, rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, a cornsnake, a Giant African Landsnail, all sorts. The larger furry and feathered pets were kept outside, and the smaller ones had to be kept in a room my mum didn’t frequent too often, ie. my bedroom.

From the age of 12 every pet was entirely my responsibility; sure my parents provided the money, but I cleaned out every pet, spent time with them every day, and fed and watered them before and after school.

No matter how much me and my dad begged my mum for a ferret she said no – she couldn’t stand the fact that they smell more than other rodents, and she was worried they’d trigger her allergies.

Me and my partner have talked about getting a ferret for a number of years now, but just when we have adequately sized cages and enough experience, finding one has become extremely difficult!

In the past few months it feels like we’ve contacted everywhere.

Pet shops don’t sell them, rescues don’t have them in unless we travel for hours, breeders don’t advertise, and quite often when we do find ads online for ferrets they’re bred from working parents, don’t live indoors, and haven’t had much handling.

Recently we happened to see an ad online for a litter of ferret kits that were old enough to be looking for new homes.

We contacted the seller and my partner went to view the kits tonight, with the aim of bringing one home if he was impressed.


He just phoned to say he’s on his way back now (almost two hours away still, waaah! These were the closest we could find in our area too!!) and I am so excited…I have waited so long for this 😀

I have the cage all set up, and I’ve shuffled all the pets around so that they aren’t upset by living too close to a ferret. Ferret smell can be scary to other pets, which is unsurprising given what great hunters ferrets can be, even to rabbits.

My partner said the people he bought the ferret from were simply amazing.

They were an animal-loving family and had a house full of pets, like us, and the mother’s 12-year-old son had bred the ferrets under her supervision. They all lived indoors, they were all well handled and obviously well loved, and they gave us two large bags of ferret kibble for free 🙂

The mother even dropped my partner off at the train station so he wouldn’t have to walk in the rain, how cute is that?

I know what the ferret looks like, and we kinda have a name picked out, but I won’t announce that yet just in case it changes!

My partner said our ferrety boy is a real sweetheart, and seems to have an incredible personality. Although my partner has wanted a ferret for a number of years now, he was nervous about collecting one (he’d never handled a ferret before), but I couldn’t stop him gushing over the ferret on the phone just now ^__^

For my partner to be so immediately in love this little guy must be very special. I am so excited to meet him!

The ferret is 11 weeks old and was one of the largest in the litter. He’s a hob obviously, as I’ve been calling him he 😉

I’m excited to have my first ferret and can’t wait to get handling and training him. I’ve only handled ferrets three other times in my life!

My camera battery is charging so you’d better believe I’ll be posting lots of photos later 😀


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