Pixie’s 2nd new harness in 2 days

The cheap coat-style harness posted from China arrived today.

The sizing is absolutely perfect and this is another harness that feels entirely comfortable – why is it small dogs get all the best harness choices?!

The harness requires the dog to put their front legs through and then simply zips up the back – there is no buckle, but the zip has been fine for us and the lead is clipped onto D clips either side of the zip, meaning it can’t just fall open on a walk.

If your dog has no issues having harnesses put on, this one would be a piece of cake. It’s SO easy, and I actually love the idea of a big zip to fasten it, although some reviews have had trouble with the lining getting caught in the zip.

I’d also urge caution if you have a long haired dog, for obvious reasons…I had my hair caught in a zip as a kid and remember it being surprisingly painful 😉

This harness / coat fits Pixie wonderfully but, even if it was a little on the large size, it would still be secure thanks to the design…the dog would have to get past the fitted collar, the leg holes, AND shimmy their way all down the body to escape!!

Pixie is a Medium, despite being a tiny dog, so please be aware of sizing.

Pixie was miserable after having this put on, but I think in part this was because just before this I’d put her OHF harness on too, and she always hates new things as it is.

Although she was trembling initially on the walk I think it was ‘leftover trembling’ hahaha, as she was walking normally and sniffing weeds, which she doesn’t do when scared.

I was kind of expecting the coat to slip and slide as she walked, but it actually stayed very comfortable-looking the entire walk. A few times it ruffled up a little around her middle, but straightened itself out with no help from me.

Not once did Pixie mind wearing or walking in the coat, and she toileted normally.

Although this is a coat style harness it’s actually quite cool – I think the OHF will keep Pixie warmer than this will. I actually kind of like this about it though, as it makes it ideal for cooler summer days / nights, and walking in the rain.

And yes, Pixie is an utter wuss in cooler weather, and has shivered on walks when my and my partner are in shorts and t-shirts XD

I can’t imagine this will be a long-lasting harness as it only cost £3.20, but we’d definitely buy it again as it’s cute, functional, comfortable and cheap.

We certainly recommend this for other owners of small pups 🙂


5 thoughts on “Pixie’s 2nd new harness in 2 days

    • I have a jacket harness for her that fastens with velcro but I’m just not very trusting of the stuff – several years ago we had a ComfortFlex harness where the velcro fastener filled with bits of fluff and we tried so many ways to clean the velcro and just couldn’t get the bits off! The harness still worked as it had a buckle/clip as well, but the dangly velcro strap was annoying for all.

      • I understand Velcro does have its problems. I just had a super hard time trying to get my other harness on Frankie so I gave up and went with something simple.

    • I know, I think it’s the cutest so far!!! I’m tempted to just continuously buy adorable outfits for her now, it’s not my fault, she just looks too cute in anything hahaha XD

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