Cat training, cat grass & shuffling

We moved lots of furniture around today.

We’ve decided we want to bring Kasper’s crate into the living room – to get him used to Pixie, so I can spend more time with him, and so there’s a chance Pixie could pass through the kitchen and use the garden for toileting.

At the moment to get through the kitchen she’d have to walk between both Kasper and Rey’s crates, whereas if Kasper was in the living room there’d be a nice gap to avoid scary Rey 😉

The main problem with having Kasper in the living room is obviously the cats, because they spend at least 5 hours a day bouncing madly around the room.

Our plan is to build Kasper his own little area under the stairs. He’ll have his crate, some space, and the cupboard under the stairs, but we’ll barrier the entire area off so the cats can’t get through.

First few trials we’ll have Kasper safely locked in his crate, after that once we know it’s secure he can just be in his penned area. He’ll have 12x4ft to roam, he can get used to being so close to the cats and Pixie, AND there’ll be nothing in there for him to counter surf either 😉


“Mum I would never, ever, steal anything from…hey is that a pack of dog treats on that bookshelf over there?!”

The room shuffling now sees the cat tree on a tall cabinet in front of the window, so the cats can scale almost to the ceiling and sit and look out the window or look down on everyone else in the room.

They’re obviously thrilled with this because they just love sitting up high 😀

Before we get to the training part, guess which little man finally showed some interest in the cat grass!

He is just so beautiful 🙂

I don’t think he actually ate any, but he certainly gummed quite a few blades and enjoyed batting them about!!

And now the cat training video.

With Enzo I mainly work on touch (nose to hand), recall, beg, reach (paw downwards) and I’m just starting to teach sit but I think capturing him doing that rather than trying to lure him into a sit would work better.

For Pecan’s first EVER training we did beg and touch (paw to hand for him, which confuses me no end!)

Finally after freaking out at my partner this morning, Pixie hasn’t done too bad today.

There are two things that seem to set her off barking at him:

1. When he has his hair tied up!!!

2. When he comes back from a walk.

Not sure what that last one is, if it’s her barking as someone comes to the door, and she’d bark no matter who it was, or if she is actually barking at him.

She continues barking when he enters the room and acts scaredy, but quiets in under a minute and after five minutes acts as-scared-as-normal around him.


2 thoughts on “Cat training, cat grass & shuffling

  1. Haha that photo of Kasper, love it xD I’m interested to see how he settles with the cats since he has gotten better with small animals since yous have got him – gives me hope with Bonnie lol. I love, love the cat training, Enzo’s recall is so good! Pecan is adorable how he always wants to be involved in the action and awk bless Pixie sitting like a good girl (I’ll ignore her stealing the cat treat haha)

    • He has made drastic improvement with small pets, but I can’t imagine we’ll ever be able to trust him free around the cats…the main problem with Kasper is that once his prey drive his triggered he’ll stop at nothing. Enzo could claw repeatedly at Kasper’s face and Kasper wouldn’t pay the slightest notice. Yet when Kasper’s on one side of a barrier or in his crate, he can watch and be calm when rats, quail or rabbits hop around him!!

      Aw thank you 🙂 Yeah, Enzo has superb recall…Pecan doesn’t even look at his name yet hahaha! Oh god I know, Pecan just HAS to be involved in everything…Pixie’s the same though, if I’m fussing or talking to a cat she has to barrel onto my lap, shove her face into mine, and show me her belly until I tell her that yes, she is the best XD

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