OHF Upgrade Dog Harness, initial thoughts

Another new harness arrived for Pixie today, it is the OHF Upgrade Dog harness, Size small / 2.


This is a very warm dog harness, almost a cross between a jacket, and one of my favourite things about it is that it’s completely soft and feels so comfortable.

If you have a small breed dog who often gets rubbed by harnesses, I highly recommend the OHF harness!

The harness needs the dog to slip their legs through, then first fastens around the back with velcro. Once the velcro is fastened you then fasten the plastic buckle above it.


I’d prefer if the buckele was attached to the velcro strap,  so the velcro couldn’t come undone without the buckle also being undone, but the clip is secure anyway.

The harness sits fairly high up on the throat, especially compared to harnesses such as the CosyDogs, but because of the design the majority of strain if your dog’s a puller is well distributed, and sits mainly on the chest rather than near the throat.


Pixie was initially devastated having this harness put on, as I had to get both her legs through the individual holes and she kept pulling one leg up after I’d got it in and slipping it out.

She wasn’t happy when the harness was on, but did accept treats so it can’t have been that traumatic 😉

She was walking about in less than 10 minutes, and the one thing that seems to bother her now is that when she shakes the D clips jangle, which she hates.


The harness is a great fit, especially as Pixie is right on the cusp of the upper measurement of the small. If she loses a little more weight it will be perfect for her.

There’s really no room for adjustment here – the straps leading to the buckle can’t be adjusted, and obviously the velcro can only be ever so slightly adjusted. Thanks to the secure design it does give a few cm of leeway, so should fit Pixie for a number of weeks, possible even forever if her weight stabilises as it still fits.

The harness does sit very close behind her front legs, which I always hate, but I think this  will lessen as she loses a little more weight, and I’m not very concerned about it rubbing at all because it’s so damn soft!

Price: £8.59


  • Looks extremely comfortable!
  • Very well priced
  • Adorable!
  • Secure design
  • Easy on-off if your dog is used to being handled / harnesses
  • Low chance of rubbing


  • Fastens partly via velcro, which a) I don’t trust and b) can be ruined if bits get caught in it
  • Would be better if the buckle was either attached on top of the velcro band, or sat below it, rather than closer to the neck
  • This is a warm harness, take care using in summer or if your dog’s a brachy breed
  • Not much adjustment or leeway in terms of sizing

As we have had the harness less than an hour so far and haven’t used it on a walk yet, this isn’t a proper review.

Buuut first impressions are really good though 🙂


5 thoughts on “OHF Upgrade Dog Harness, initial thoughts

  1. How precious does Pixie look in that harness ❤ It looks so comfortable! I'm so glad you're finally getting sorted with a harness, I hope it works well out on your walks 🙂

    • Ugh she looks ridiculously cute…I want to cuddle and kiss her 24/7 XD

      Thank you. It really does seem like the most comfortable harness I’ve ever seen. Pixie feels the cold easily as well, so I’m hoping she could almost wear it year-round other than the hottest of days. The harness has managed one walk so far and Pixie was actually REALLY confident on it (compared to usual anyway) – I wondered if it was having a Thundershirt type effect?

      • Yay that’s awesome, that’s pretty interesting if it did have that type of effect on her, if it did hopefully it keeps up – every little helps as they say 🙂

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