Wtf Kasper & 3days, 3 quotes

So this was going to just be the 2nd day of the 3 days 3 quotes challenge, but…

Then we had the craaaziest walk with Kasper.

This was my first time walking Kasper since Pixie came home, as we’ve been building up how long she can be left. I’ve seen Kasper in the house so it’s not been too hard, but I was excited to walk him.

We strolled through a nearby play park to get to some fields where Kasper could be off lead, and along the route he found an apple…the ground’s covered in them because the trees are dropping fruit.

Kasper picked an apple up, which is fine because apple’s are great and we give the pups them from time to time anyway. We stood and chilled as he ate it, and it seemed to be gone in literally two seconds so we assumed he’d found part of an apple.

We carried on and hadn’t even passed through the park when he started acting unhappy.

Lying on the ground, hanging his head, licking his lips like he wanted to puke…

I started immediately panicking because he had a tummy bug about 5 days ago and for a few days after he had a cough (I always worry myself sick over the dogs)…I was freaking thinking he’d been ill this whole time, and my partner had been lying to me about Kasper acting normally on walks. Light paranoia at its’ finest 😉

My partner was calming me down and said he bet it was the apple. We sat on some stairs and waited, fussing Kasper when he wanted, and after a few minutes he walked to the end of the lead and began retching.

Cue vomit.

I took my partner’s phone to use as a torch to inspect the sick – after dragging Kasper away immediately after he puked of course, because my god does he love eating his sick >__<

I shone the light and WOW, I was not prepared for what I saw…

Kasper had swallowed an entire apple in two chunks!!! An entire apple! Two chunks 2+ inches long each…bloody hell Kasper, WHY are you so bad at eating tings?!

As soon as he’d been sick he was completely back to normal; bouncing around, beaming, doing tricks etc. We let him off lead in the field, played and did training, then suddenly remembered we were on a 25 minute time limit for Pixie and had to run home hahaha.

Damnit Kasper, stop scaring me like that 🙂

Anyway, Day 2 of the 3 quotes a day challenge. which Bonnie’s wonderful owner nominated me to do.

To see the first day check out this post. The rules are as follows:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you
  2. Share one quote every day for three days
  3. Nominate three new blogs to do the challenge every day

My quotes relate to Bipolar disorder / mental illness, and are ones I’ve found around the ‘net and really relate to. Today’s is…

You’re supposed to nominate three blogs each day, but I get anxious nominating people so will just be nominating two. As ever to those I have nominated, please don’t feel like you have to do the challenge, and as far as I’m aware you can post quotes on any subject, if you do want to participate:)

If you have already taken part in this challenge before, my apologies!

Today’s nominees are:

  1. The Adventures of Noodle – Noodle and the gang. Go check them out, they are funny, cute and Noodle has just passed his obedience training 😀
  2. Life As A Bipolar Artist – I always wish I had any talent as an artist, I would LOVE to be able to draw or paint. Even though I have no talent, I love looking at the works of those that do 😉

3 thoughts on “Wtf Kasper & 3days, 3 quotes

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    • *sigh* Yup…I don’t know why it still scares me so much, he’s done it so many times…there’s easily over a dozen cases in the 5 years we’ve had Kasper where he’s swallowed something ridiculously large and it makes him sick :/ And thank you 🙂

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