As Pixie gains confidence and settles, Tristan can come out for fun again.

We split the room into two, as Pixie finds Tristan very scary, but she can easily cope watching Tristan from behind a barrier now, and as the hours pass she gets increasingly curious 🙂


The kitty boys were thrilled to see their bunny brother again. They hadn’t got to spend time with him since Pixie came home, so they greatly enjoyed climbing all over Tristan’s crate, sniffing him, and being chased by him!!

Pecan especially was very happy to be able to spend time with Tristan again, and spent a lot of time laying nearby just watching him 🙂

Whilst cleaning Tristan’s crate out I also had a really cool idea.

I took out the long RUB that Tristan had in there, and put the top of the plastic dog crate in, as we’re no longer using it. Now Tristan has a really cool den / burrow, and a second level!

It made getting the kittens out really difficult haha as they loved scrabbling madly in the den XD

In other news, Enzo has decided cat grass is his favourite thing ever!!


Everyday he spends at least a few minutes chomping away at the grass, and returns for a nibble several times 🙂

I also have a harness update regarding Pixie; we got in touch with CosyDogs after none of their harnesses fit Pixie very well, and they’ve offered to make a custom fit – Size 1 but with a Size 0 girth.

Only problem is they’ve asked we travel into town to return the two wrong sizes before they begin. No idea when we’ll be able to do that >__<

And an exciting mouse update for you: I think our female mice are actually getting dropped off today, so I’ll be posting all about them at Much Loved Mice.

Finishing the blog with three random photos!

1. Pixie eating the cat food, and Enzo eating the dog food *sigh*  But look how close Enzo can happily be to Pixie 🙂

2. Rin our diamond dove perching on one of their catci 😀


3. Managed to cut Pixie’s one and only pink nail the other day! Got about half the length off when she was very tired, but won’t be doing the black ones because it will stress us both out!!

I’ll just start cracking with scratch board work 😉

Huge difference though!


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