A new look for the blog

You might have noticed that, for the first time, I have customised the theme of the blog.

Alongside being an adorable theme, and quite fitting as we keep fish AND live by the sea, my main reason for changing to this theme is that it allows the photos on each post to be much much bigger.

I always thought my photos on the other theme were a little on the small side, and if I made them bigger they appeared squashed as there wasn’t room for them.

This theme rocks!

Cute kitten pics as evidence 🙂



6 thoughts on “A new look for the blog

  1. Love the new theme, it’s super cute, also dying at the little worm that comes down the side when you scroll down XD Love how he flings you back to the top of the page 😀

    • I keep not realising it’s my blog haha, I’ve had that same, automatic theme for years and years, and all of a sudden it’s completely different 😀

      Hahahaha I LOVE the worm!!! Definitely wasn’t what made me determined to use this theme XD

      • I hear you, I’m constantly meddling with the various pages and editing te text!

        I’ve always just avoided changing the theme though. I really like how the blog looks now 🙂

    • Hahaha the worm is totally my favourite thing too 😀 And yes I really like the soft colours and large photos ^__^

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