You’ll never make me toilet!!!

Pixie had an accident in the house today, she peed.

I’ve mentioned before that she’s a bit rubbish at going to the toilet on walks, and will only go when she is really, really desperate.

Even so we’d managed to avoid accidents by taking her out regularly, and waking her several times in the night depending on if she’d gone to the loo on the walk before bed or not.

Getting her out on walks is tricky – she hates having the lead clipped onto her harness (one of her top 20 fears), she doesn’t like leaving the house, and then there’s the problem of seeing scary things on the walks. If she sees people or dogs, she won’t toilet even if she needs to.

Today there was an even bigger spanner in the works. Turns out Pixie is terrified of the wind -__-

The morning walk was okay as it wasn’t too blustery then, but as the wind increased, so did Pixie’s reluctance to toilet! We took her out in the afternoon for the loo: no go. Too scared.

Then she peed in the house.

We took her out a few hours ago as she must really need a poo, and she spent the entire walk freaking. Freaking out over blowing branches, washing on the line, grass blowing in the wind, a motorbike cover flapping, the blustering etc etc.

The result? Too scared to poo.


“Uh, mum? Can you stop talking about my POOING habits?!”

She’s still not at the point of taking treats outdoors, which is so not helpful for us building her confidence with anything!

We were out twenty minutes, very slowly walking about, and trying to find sheltered areas where she might toilet. But it was just scaring her, so we came back.

We can’t use the garden to toilet her (in case you were wondering) because to get her out there we’d have to pick her up – the kitchen is the other dogs’ room, and where they sleep in their crates. She refuses point blank to go anywhere near it.

So we’d have to pick her up, and she is utterly *terrified* of being picked up – it easily makes it into her top 5 fears.


She can be held and cuddled on laps, but never picked up or carried!

Being able to pick Pixie up, and her being comfortable with it, is extremely important.

It would mean we could dodge so many difficult things on walks – child running towards us, an off lead dog, walking through town if it was busy etc etc. If I can teach her she is safe in my arms, it would be so incredibly helpful, and I think we can do it…

But that means I have to really, really avoid picking her up now when she hates it, unless I have absolutely no other choice.

To toilet her in the garden would mean catching and carrying her out, hope she toilets, then have to most likely chase her and pick her up to carry her back in, as there’s no way she could be coaxed to me.

So today we’ve been somewhat stuck.

Right now we know she needs a poo, but there’s not much we can do. It’s not like toilet training a puppy, where you simply take them out every ten minutes until they successfully go, because getting her outside is so scary for her!

“Mum, I DON’T need a poo!!”

Yeah Pixie, yeah you do…

I should try and make a list of all her fears that I can think of, in order, soon. I think it’d be a really cool thing to look back on, and to see which fears changed and why.


3 thoughts on “You’ll never make me toilet!!!

  1. That is pretty hard, poor Pixie…Lily was scared of the wind, too (she’s a hoarder’s dog, spent the first three years of her life in one room and was terrified of everything) but in her case Ardbeg helped a lot, he was calming her and he taught her to accept new situations. I’ve always used my ‘resident’ dog to teach any new dog not to be scared, I don’t think I would manage without the help. When I adopted Ardbeg he was scared of being picked up and I spent loads of time lying down on the floor for him to sniff at me (for about six weeks). Though for years I was the only one who could pick him up 😦 Even by the end of his life, when he was perfectly sociable and loved most people, he would only let me and my husband pick him up. It’s a shame you can’t use your other dogs. I hope Pixie gets better with her toilet and her fears. xxx

    • I’m hoping that Pixie will be able to spend significantly more time with Raiden soon, as she really does want to be with and play with him, she’s even starting to join in on play rather than running up to him and then flipping onto her back. It would be great if she could get on with him as he’s a really confident dog and she could easily borrow some from him!

      I’m not sure how long it will be until she can join Rey on his walks, but if we can have her borrow his confidence in the house it would be a huge help 🙂

      • I’m yet to find anything better than a confident dog to help a fearful one 🙂 but I do know it’s not always possible…I’m sure Pixie will feel less scared soon, it’s still very early days 🙂 x

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