Two weeks of Pixie

Pixie has been with us for just over two weeks now.

Although I tend to notice her fear more than her progress, I take time everyday to compare the dog she was when she first came, to the dog she is now.

True, the most dramatic improvement was in that first week, but there hasn’t been a single day so far where we haven’t noticed some other fear or feat that Pixie has conquered.

Day 11 – climbing onto my partner’s lap for the first time
Day 12 – going on her best walk yet in an entirely new area
Day 13 – eating her daily amount of food for the first time, and relishing it
Day 15 – walking past a stranger just a few feet away without losing her cool or bolting

Small things but, to us and to Pixie, huge progress πŸ™‚


The walk we did a few days ago was when we happened to be up at 5.30am, and so knew it would be very quiet with probably no other dogs or people about.

Pixie needed coaxing a few times, but she was very willing to come and her anxiety was low. We walked along the road for ten minutes, then turned. On the way back I had to pull her into the side as a car passed, which she wasn’t happy with, but that was the only negative.

She was very tired and starting to fret as we neared the house – alert, stopping more to observe her surroundings – and we have since noticed that she gets this way on newer walks, as the stress builds. For this reason we don’t do ‘stressful’ walks very often, and only every when the world is quiet!

Today we ventured to the football field, a big walk for Pixie even though it’s less than a five minutes’ walk from our house πŸ™‚

She is no longer terrified of the walk to the play park or the play park equipment, but again today there was an old woman crouched on the bowling green, tending to the already pristine grass.

This was a huge trigger for Pixie last time and she massively freaked out. This time she watched for maybe ten seconds, then the front paw lift indicated her fear was building.

At this point I moved us away, ducking through the chain on the obstacle course behind us. Pixie was able to walk as far from the woman as possible (at least 60ft,but still too close for Pixie), and we sprinted past to get away from her as quickly as possible.

As ever, even after being so scared of something, Pixie was able to bounce back wonderfully πŸ™‚


She’s only been on this football field once before, although we walk near it often, so it’s another semi-new place we are getting used to.

She was even happy to explore the shelter, which I thought might intimidate her, although the step was too big for her to make it up πŸ™‚

On our way back up our street I saw a cold caller from a charity, knocking on doors.

We already have an issue with this for Kasper, as he gets stressed at people knocking, and for me.

My Bipolar leaves me absolutely terrified of knocking at the door, especially if my partner is out – the other day someone knocked on the door to give us some money as we had scooters ‘free to a good home’ on our wall, and this lovely person wanted to give us Β£5 for them

But the knock scared me so much I flung myself on the floor under the window, cowering, whilst Pixie stared at me in confusion then came over to cuddle me back to calmness XD

I wrote out this note and stuck it to the door as soon as we got back, and although we heard the man talking to our next door neighbour he avoided us – bless πŸ™‚


And finally, we have some cat grass growing!

Indoor cats often miss out on the opportunity to eat grass, which can help their digestion and is good for their health. CatsΒ can eat and often enjoy a variety of grasses and herbs, so we bought in some cat grass for our boys to try πŸ˜€

The pack cost Β£1.29 from Zooplus and, although the instructions weren’t in English, my partner just added some water and left the tray sat on a windowsill.

Two days later and look!

Pecan had a sniff at it last night and seemed to find the grass tickling his nose hilarious, but nobody has had a taste yet πŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “Two weeks of Pixie

  1. Pixie is making such great progress with you guys ❀ Seriously so proud of her and all the work and effort yous have put into her πŸ™‚

    • Awww thank you πŸ™‚ It’s kinda crazy thinking back to how she was that first week…I feel like even in the past three or four days she’s come on leaps and bounds.

      Makes me really excited to see how she is in another few weeks if she’s still with us then!

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