Photographing the kitten love!

When we found out Enzo was seriously ill, we decided to adopt a little brother for him.

We wanted him to have someone with him 24/7, and there was also the thought that, if Enzo was taken too soon, we would have a cat to help us grieve.

When we brought Pecan home as a tiny 10-week-old bundle of mischief, Enzo was initially unimpressed.

He tried hard to follow Pecan around, partly out of curiosity and partly to drill home the fact that he, Enzo, was the older brother and thus in charge.

Unfortunately for him Pecan was extremely confident and used to cats, and spent most his time either completely ignoring Enzo or trying to get a disgruntled Enzo to play.

Four weeks later and these boys could not love each other any more 🙂

They now spend almost all their waking hours playing with each other, and very much take it in turns to be the chaser and the chasee


When they sleep, they always sleep near to each other, and often they are cuddled side by side.

They are extremely tolerant of each other.

Pecan doesn’t mind when Enzo dives on top of him and bites him savagely as he sleeps.


Enzo doesn’t mind when Pecan barges his way over to the food bowl and eats right next to Enzo, or bats at Enzo’s head as he’s napping.

They both groom each other. Normally it’s Enzo grooming Pecan, but it does work both ways.



They are completely opposite in almost every way.

Enzo is quiet, calm, independent, and falls to the side of being cautious or fearful around new things. He steals confidence from Pecan a lot of the time, but with new animals or people he stays away, and it takes weeks for him to be comfortable with them.

He’s not that foody. He will eat his wet food and maintains a good weight fine, but he refuses any and all treats, and the one other food we’ve found he likes is bread, of all things.

He enjoys playing and has mad half hours, but he’s quite a mature kitten and generally spends most his time outside of wrestling Pecan looking out the window or sitting up high and just watching us as we go about our business.


He is insanely clumsy, and an expert at knocking things over and mis-judging jumps!

He is very loving with his people, but nobody else, and will ask for fuss. He will sit and get love for hours when he’s in the mood. He doesn’t like being picked up or cuddled, and never has.

Pecan on the other hand is colourful in looks and personality.

He is confident and overflowing with fun – if he can’t eat or play with something, he’s not interested.



He loves other animals, and introduces to them easily.

He accepted Tristan, our rabbit, in one day, and he  is already totally confident around Pixie. This unfortunately means she is more interested in Enzo, as instead of ignoring her he fluffs up and hisses when she initiates play!

He was swatting at Pixie as she passed here 🙂

Pecan is extremely vocal and demanding when he has decided he wants something. He will follow you around yowling for attention, but can’t keep still, so after a minute or two of love he will bound away, then return in a few seconds mewling for fuss again.

Pecan has more confidence than he knows what to do with. He’s agile and can often be found scaling furniture, people or shelves.


He is also an absolute pig.

He will eat any and all food, from dry cat treats, to dog kibble, and pizza crust. Not only does he have an insane appetite, but he is not afraid to muscle his way in when other animals are eating, be it Enzo or Pixie.

We weren’t sure what having two cats would be like, or if Enzo would appreciate having a brother.

I am so glad we took that risk as not only has it transformed Enzo’s life in that he always has a playmate, but he clearly loves Pecan so much, too. If one kitten is upstairs and one down, they will call to each other – when Enzo calls, Pecan carries on doing his own thing (usually eating!!). When Pecan calls, Enzo goes running 🙂

“Guys, I don’t know what you’re saying all thislovey-dovey stuff for…having a little brother is AWFUL!” XD

“Less of the little, Enzo, I am far more mature than you. Check me out doing my daily yoga routine…”


“And how dare you say living with me is awful?! I’m a perfect angel” 😉

Finally, it’s no secret that Enzo is a pectus cat and that his ribs are deformed.

This is something he was born with and, although it doesn’t hold him back at all, it’s very noticeable when you see him person.

Today I took photos of where his ribs are, and where Pecan’s ribs are, so you can see the difference.



As well as being in the wrong place, the ribs are also deformed in that they fold in on themselves. This leaves a lot of his insides exposed and squishy.

Whilst the only side-effect from this illness we have noticed is his faster-than-usual breathing/heartbeat, it makes picking him up scary as we don’t want to squeeze his organs!!



11 thoughts on “Photographing the kitten love!

  1. Aww! My kitties are littermates, and they used to snuggle and groom each other all the time when they were little. As they grew up, they seemed to grow apart. They still love each other and always want to be in the same room as the other, but they rarely lay together anymore. I hope your babies stay as close as they are right now!

    • I’ve heard from a few cat owners that their adult cats aren’t as cuddley with each other as when they were kittens…I was talking to my partner today about how weird it’s gonna be when they’re grown up…how much will they change?!

      Will Pecan not be as playful? Will he not be as snuggly? Will Enzo be more independent? So many questions!

      • Mine are just as cuddly with ME as they were when they were younger, just not each other. Tubby is still the more playful of the two, and Frou’s favorite toys when she was a kitten are still her favorite toys. So they don’t change TOO much 🙂

      • Ah, that’s good to know!! Pecan is Mr Playful and I’d be really sad if he lost that 🙂

        I’ve never ever owned a cat, or really even lived with one before. The only cat I’ve visited fairly regularly lives with my partner’s family and has zero interest in them at all, but they never played or spent time with it as a kitten so I’ve always hoped that was why!!

    • Haha thank you 🙂 I NEVER thought I’d be a cat person but I’m sooo glad we have them both ^__^

      I love writing about my pets’ personalities haha, I really enjoy seeing what I write about them…it feels like I’m peeking inside my own head and discovering what I know about my pets hahaha XD

      Oh hey thanks! I’ve never heard of that challenge. I’ll have to get my thinking cap on and dig out some quotes I like 😀

  2. They are both lovely, I hope their friendship will develop and they’ll always love each other! Cats are not social animals so when we got Charlie (our second cat, we had to have him or he’d end up in the shelter) we were really worried. But Ulysses and Charlie have lived together for nearly four years and they mainly love each other’s company (though they did have periods of fighting). We had a third cat for a year (Darcy) and he got really well with Charlie, they slept cuddling up in one cat ball 🙂 Darcy was very old when we found him (15 at least) so maybe the age difference helped.

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