CosyDogs harness review

To recap;

My partner went out and bought a Size 0 harness from CosyDogs yesterday, as the measurements said that the smallest size was needed for Pixie.

That didn’t fit.

Today the size up, a Size 1, arrived. This is supposed to measure 45-64cm, and Pixie’s girth a few days ago was 41cm – she is losing weight every day so probably 40cm max currently.

The new harness is noticeably bigger than the Size 0, and the width of the harness is also thicker for added comfort.


Price: £16-19

The Size 1 fits her around the waist – it is slightly too big to be a perfect fit, even as small as it will go (can easily fit three fingers beneath, whereas I like it to be tighter).

But it is safe and comfortable for her. HOWEVER, the belly strap that runs between her front legs is still too short!!

It was this that made the Size 0 not fit, and even on the Size 1 it is so short that it makes the straps closer to her armpits than it should, and when she lies on her back you can see the girth straps aren’t exactly straight across her tummy as they should be.

This is how it should sit:

A nice distance from the front legs, and when the dog is on its’ back, the harness goes straight across the tummy, as the leg band is long enough:

So although this harness fits, and we’ll possibly be able to use it without rubbing her, it does not fit her as well as it should. See how the band is right behind her legs then curves right back around to fasten to the end of the belly band?


Not only are the sizings for Size 0 wrong, but if we upped Pixie to Size 2 the length of the belly strap would probably be perfect, but the girth strap would be waaaay too big – she’d be able to walk through the harness! XD

Shame as she looks so cute in it too

The good

The harnesses are handmade in the UK, not *too* expensive, and are beautiful to look at.

The harness sits away from the throat, which I love – any harness is better than a collar for taking pressure off the throat, but I trust CosyDogs more than most for that.


The harness is easy to get on and off, and feels secure – it’s certainly more secure than an EzyDog Quick Fit or a standard step-in harness.

I’ve never even heard of one rubbing a dog. The underside of the harness is all fleece, and even the straps going up the side of the belly have fleece protectors / padding.

The bad

The sizing on the site is very wrong, meaning buying online is difficult, especially if you dog’s a crossbreed or of unknown breed.

The head hole can’t be adjusted, and on smaller sizes especially is quite small. This is a significant concern for larger-than-average headed breeds, eg. French Bulldogs!

There isn’t much overlap between sizes, either, which means one size can be too small but the next too big (see below).

The length of the belly band is also an issue – if the belly band is too short with a Size 0 but the girth fits, Size 1 might just fit around the girth but the belly band may still not be long enough, and then Size 2 is far too big around the girth but the belly band is perfect!

Although there are quite a number of colour choices, they’re all quite dark and murky, there aren’t too many bright choices. The pink and sky blue one (which Pixie has) are just about the brightest – even the yellow is a dingy yellow.

Anyway, she looks 100% adorable in it 🙂 Aaaand, her first ever tag arrived today!! ❤

I realised I’d covered a word accidentally in the above photo, but it’s better quality so I included it 🙂

Adorable tag, adorable harness, adorable dog 😀

So although the CosyDogs is a well-made harness and fleece lined, the sizes do not overlap enough, and the belly band is way too short for certain types of dog.

In conclusion we rate the fleece Cosydogs harness 1.5 out of 4 paws.

The reason the score is so low is because: the customer service wasn’t great, the sizing measurements are wrong, and there’s no size that’s a good fit for Pixie. In fact to get it to fit we had to completely cut and re-make the belly band which, thankfully, still works!

Now because I’ve had a really shitty day and have another migraine, the rest of this post is just gonna be cute puppy pics. I’ve included a variety so anyone interested can see how the harness fits




It really is a beautiful harness, and by god does it suit her!

Downside – everyone is gonna think she’s a boy now because, obviously, girls just aren’t allowed to wear anything blue!! *sigh* 😉

Oh and look, a photo that shows quite how adorably wonky her front legs are!!! She’s lying down here bless her, so her legs should be totally straight ❤


My little snugbug ❤ ❤ ❤


This review was updated August 2016 once we realised quite how much the CosyDogs did not fit Pixie.



10 thoughts on “CosyDogs harness review

  1. I think rating them 3 out of 4 is more than fare. It looks really lovely though and she is beautifully cute. I can’t believe no size fits her properly but it’s good you can use the one you have now.

    • Haha yeah, I’m thinking about changing the rating to 2.5 paws…because at the end of the day, as you say, there isn’t a size that fits Pixie properly!!

      And thank you, she’s adorable no matter what she does 😀

  2. She’s one of the loveliest girls I’ve ever seen! Not so sure about the harness (it’s vital for them to fit perfectly, especially if you have a fearful or reactive rescue)

    • The design of the harness means even with it being ever-so-slightly bigger around the girth than I’d like, there is no chance of Pixie backing out of it, and it’s 10x more secure than the harness she was using previously, an EzyDog Quick Fit.

      Even though that fit perfectly, was the correct size etc, on a walk when I had to reel her in and pick her up as she struggled (because there was a young child running at us) she managed to slip a front leg out.

      This harness won’t rub, won’t cause discomfort, and she almost definitely won’t be able to escape from it on walks – it’s just a fraction bigger than I’d like around her belly and the band between legs should be longer for a ‘perfect’ fit, but it doesn’t cause any issues at all.

      And thanks, she’s a stunner, both in looks and personality 🙂

  3. Aww how pretty is she in it, it looks to fit much better although the chest strap could be longer, she really suits the blue 😀 And seriously how adorable is her little tag, honestly can’t get over it!

    • Thanks, I constantly look down at her on walks and can’t believe how adorable she is in that harness ^__^

      I LOVE the tag hehe 🙂

      Unfortunately we can’t put it on her yet, as she’s never worn a tag in her life and the tinkling as she walks really scares her. I had to stop partway through the first walk with it on her to take it off!

      Not only are these tags impressively cheap, but they will personalise them any way you want…different symbols (paw prints, hearts, stars, phones, dogs etc) and they’ll put any wording you want on the front or back. All our pets have at least one of these tags haha 😀

      If you’re interested in the tag, it’s by Pets Paradise:

      Oh no, they’re gone!! Currently unavailable and all the other sizes have gone too?!

      • Aww poor Pixie, I think there is tag silencers that you can buy that is like a rubber ring around the edges to stop the noise as much but there probably is a DIY version too. Thanks for the link, hopefully it will be back in stock in future, I’ve added it to my never ending amazon wishlist for dog stuff xD

      • Oh thanks, I didn’t know about silencers so will have a look. The only ‘fix’ I could think was using a cable tie XD

        Bah I can’t believe the tags have gone, I only bought Pixie’s less than a week ago! They only cost £2 and had awesome customer service…I hate when something so good disappears haha, I hope it’s only temporary!

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