Cat food + 1 year with Rey incoming

Today we had to place an order on Zooplus for cat food.

Zooplus is by far the cheapest place we have found selling quality cat food – especially as they sell trial packs! £5.49 for 6 x 400g cans means we bought four lots of them, *and* 12 x 200g cans of another variety to try 🙂

As you have to spend around £30 for free delivery, we ordered some bits in to celebrate 25th August, which marks one year with Rey!

He’s already had his birthday, so it’s not uber exciting, but it’s insane to think that a year ago at the end of this months (which also just happens to be the seventh anniversary of me and my partner dating!) we went and picked little baldy Raiden up 🙂 ❤

So far he has an insane-looking long legged sheep soft toy:

Spikey the hedgehog, which he’s had before and loves destroying 🙂

50 chicken feet, because who doesn’t love a good gnaw on a chickens’ foot?! 😀

Some CANIBIT angus beef throat chews…yum!!

Chewies mini bone treats, which are tiiiiny so great for training and the boys think they’re very tasty:

Not off to a bad start 🙂

We didn’t end up doing an intro between him and Pixie yesterday, or leaving her alone, because I was struck with a migraine.

Today we left her for 16 minutes though, yay!

The past half dozen times we’ve left her she hasn’t even moved, she just falls asleep 🙂 As soon as we hit 20 minutes we’ll be upping the increase each time we leave, and hopefully soon we should be able to leave her for an hour or two 🙂

Also today the Kasper-Pixie intro begins, as I’m tired of it being so difficult for me to see him as the dogs are separated on the ground floor. We’ll barrier the living room off into two, with no interaction between them, but at least I can spend time with both in the same room ^__^


4 thoughts on “Cat food + 1 year with Rey incoming

  1. Aw lucky pup, Raiden will love his presents! I can’t believe it’s been a year for you guys 😀 I hope the intro goes okay! Also yay for Pixie being left alone – she’s a little gem 🙂

    • I can’t believe it’s been a year either! I look back on Rey’s puppyhood with something close to a feeling of dread hahaha, not because he was terrible or anything, but because he was just so vocal and had seriously no patience which made him feel much harder than he really was… 😛

      I can’t wait to post on the 25th, I’m gonna include so many baby pics from the first few weeks 😀

      Pixie really is GREAT at being left alone (please don’t let that be me shooting myself in the foot!!). Also she looks so overwhelmingly adorable in her new harness, there’s gonna be a pic explosion later on 😀

      PS ~ just making the Ruffwear smaller to measure, my partner’s having to do the head hole as for some reason they made that incredibly annoying and difficult XD

      • Haha it’s awesome to get to raise dogs from pups but I can only imagine the patience and dedication necessary! Ahhh I can’t wait to see baby photos, I can get my puppy fix haha. The head hole is a total pain to adjust in comparison to the chest straps!

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