World: 0, Pixie: 1!

My partner was out giving Kasper a 30 minute walk (mid-size as he had a tummy bug a few days ago).

We were both hoping Pixie would sleep through, then when he got back he could toilet Pixie. I was hungry, extremely tired, and had a migraine leaving me nauseous, so I didn’t exactly want to head out with her on a walk 😛

But alas Pixie woke up and, to avoid accidents, I harnessed her up and we headed out.

As soon as we got out the door two small girls with toy pushchairs started pointing and screaming.

Thankfully the main road was between us – I had a heart stopping moment where I thought they were going to run across, but they didn’t.

Oddly enough children are one of her least scary things – don’t get me wrong, they scare her, but not in the same way everything else does!

We walked on peacefully before rounding a corner and spotting the old woman with three extremely vocal Chihuahuas. Her dogs go crazy lunging and barking, and I’m always scared she’s gonna drop the leads, as she seems very frail.

After watching then moving on, Pixie peed in peace. We saw a load of people unloading a car so looped to a grassy patch on a quiet dirt track road, one of her favourite toilet spots, and hung about as she sniffed.

Cue annoying old woman :/

This woman is a bit of a nuisance, and constantly approaches our dogs when she sees us even if we ask her not to. She’s evidently a dog lover but, as ever, that’s no excuse for pestering my dogs, or scaring them.

Her house is on a dirt road that leads to our favourite walks, so it’s incredibly annoying.

On one such occasion, when Raiden was very young and we were just starting engage-disengage work with him, we saw the lady approaching on our side of the road up ahead.

We crossed the road and led him partway up a long driveway. We had him doing sits and other bits of training, and the old woman stopped and stared at us from across the road.

We ignored her, because all our attention was on Rey, and she then began shouting across the road, completely ignoring the fact we were obviously keeping Rey calm. This then evolved into shouts of “Oh, he’s looking at me! Can you hear me?” And of course Raiden got over-excited *sigh*

Baby Rey!!

Today she came out of her house and shouted to me, asking about Pixie.

Pixie is already staring, paw raised and tail tucked, and I know I have to shut this down quickly.

I shout to the woman “Stop please, please don’t come any closer. She is absolutely terrified of everything.” I then begin happy-talking Pixie away from the house.

The woman walks to her garden gate and opens it, to start coming towards us, all the while saying “Oh bless her. *kissy kissy kissy noise* Here! Come here! Come here doggy!”

By this point Pixie is beginning to get very very scared, and she makes a scared little huff.

The woman is still at least 15ft away but I know she’s going to move closer, so I happy-talk for all I’m worth and Pixie is relieved to turn and bolt away. We go trotting off together and I don’t look back at the woman at all.

We avoided an actual scary interaction for Pixie. She did great at the time, came away when asked, AND she bounced back extremely quickly 🙂

She walked wonderfully past a few other scary things on the way home, and when I heard a tractor approaching, she waited very patiently on a side road for it to go by us. Wasn’t too alarmed by it at all ^__^

Finally today, on day 13, she’s eaten a proper amount of food for the first time.


2 thoughts on “World: 0, Pixie: 1!

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