CosyDogs harnesses & wrong sizing

Today my partner went out to buy a CosyDogs harness for Pixie.

I always get really excited about new dog apparel, and this was going to make our lives much easier as CosyDogs harnesses are extremely comfortable.

Pixie can’t really wear the Quick Fit 24/7 because it sits too close to her elbows, and as she sleeps her front legs sometimes slip into the neck hole.

She gets stressed with harnesses and the lead being put on, so we want a harness she can keep on most the time, at least for the time being.

We already had Pixie’s measurements after buying her a coat recently, but we re-measured her just in case, and my partner went out and bought a Size 0 (the smallest).

The harness is supposed to measure 40-50cm, and Pixie’s girth is 41cm. We thought it was weird that the smallest size was almost too big for Pixie!!

My partner got back and I really excitedly got the harness…and it looked a little on the small side :/

The head hole just fits over her head, but the strap around her chest needed to be on the max size to fit.

Even then, although it DID fit and she looked adorable, the band connecting the neck hole to the girth straps was too short, meaning the harness was forced to tuck right up into her armpits. This made it very uncomfortable, and on walks would lead to rubbing.

I took the harness off and double checked the measurements again – yes, Pixie is 41cm, yes the harness says it fits 40-50cm.

We put the harness on the smallest setting, which should be 40cm, and measured it…

…it was a tiny 34cm!!!

I am absolutely gutted 😦

I stayed home alone today because we can’t leave Pixie long enough for me to have joined my partner, and I was so excited about Pixie getting new gear!

We then decided we would order the right size off amazon Prime, but before we did my partner wanted to phone the shop to ask if we could pop in for a refund in a few weeks’ time, as getting there isn’t easy.

The guy said the sky blue harness wasn’t on Prime yet (agh!) but said he would send a harness to us with next day delivery, so it should still arrive tomorrow. I was very happy with this, until my partner relayed that he wanted to charge around £6 for postage!!!!

My partner said no to that and explained we wouldn’t pay postage on Prime, so they then got rid of the postage whilst still doing next day delivery, but then as my partner tried to explain the mix-up was on their end, he didn’t seem to understand.

When we explained that Pixie’s measurements were 41cm, which should put her as a small size 0, yet it had to be on max size and still didn’t fit due to the harness’ length down her tummy, he didn’t understand it was their measurements that had caused us to buy the wrong size and just said “oh yeah, sounds like you need the next size up!”

He wasn’t very welcoming and it wasn’t great customer service.

Now I’m a really impatient person as it is, not even considering when I’m manic, so having to wait an extra day is incredibly frustrating. On top of that we wasted a lot of time today 😦

I must admit I’m really disappointed in the company and their customer service though. I love their harnesses and have always recommended them, but I’m not sure I’d use them again…

Regardless I got a sneak peek of just how cute the CosyDogs is going to look on Pixie 🙂




7 thoughts on “CosyDogs harnesses & wrong sizing

  1. Aww nooo, I can’t believe it doesn’t fit – that sizing is just silly! Sorry you received not great customer service, I really hope the bigger one arrives soon for yous and fits okay. At the very least you know Pixie looks adorable in it! She really does look all cosy in it 🙂

    • Ugh I know, I was so annoyed! 10cm off is a lot for a tiny dog especially! The guy seemed to end the call saying he’d post the size up with next day delivery, which means it *should* get here tomorrow…not too long a wait, but still annoying when my partner’s sole purpose of travelling today was to get Pixie a new harness XD

  2. She’s really beautiful 🙂 It’s unbelievable that you’ve been charged for the delivery when it’s the company who got the size wrong! There are so many good harnesses on the market that we can easily vote with our money (and chose the one we’re perfectly happy with). Well, at least you’re happy with the product itself. I think Pixie is a similar size to my little Lily: it’s sometimes hard to imagine the world from their perspective, everything is bigger than them. On one of the courses we were made to crawl in the grass to understand how a limited perspective can make us uneasy. Silly as it might sound, it did help me understand small fearful dogs better 🙂

    • Thank you, she’s a little sweetheart 🙂

      It was really annoying that CosyDogs customer service was poor and the sizing so off, as last time we bought a harness from them (several years ago) they were super friendly and the product itself is amazing…I guess they could have just been having an off day, or completely not understood we were saying it was their mistake.

      Hahaha I used to tell owners to do that if they got in touch because their puppy or small dog was nervous!! Quite often they couldn’t understand why their dog would be scared of larger dogs or people…I’d always tell them to lie on their front and look at the world around them 😀

    • Hahaha I know!! If it doesn’t arrive today my partner will phone and get a little more annoyed with them, and try explain again how it’s not our fault 🙂

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