Raiden meets Pixie :)

We bit the bullet today!

For the past few days we had been wanting to begin introducing Kasper to Pixie. Our reasoning was thus:

– He is less interested in other dogs than Raiden
– He is more responsive to me asking him to do things, even when excited
– He is highly food motivated (ties into the point above!)
– He is much calmer than Rey

However we also weighed up some negatives:

– Kasper resource guards
– He is quick to tell any dog off, and with intro’s this can happen quickly
– He can obsess over or hound new dogs a little, BUT can usually be called away
– He is 22kg of dog, and at a guess Pixie is about 6kg tops

Raiden on the other hand weighs just a kilogram or two more than Pixie.

And whilst Raiden is very lively and playful, there is NO malice in him. We’ve never heard him growl at anything, and all he wants is to play. He is very much full of puppy fun, playfulness, and confidence.

All things we’d like to rub off on Pixie 😉


We brought Raiden into the living room, with the room split into two. Both dogs could see each other clearly through a wire dog crate, and then there was a barriered off area to the left.

Pixie’s face when she saw Raiden! Aw bless her, she immediately began trembling.

Raiden as ever surprised us by how amazing he is. He wagged hello, then turned his back when he saw how scared she was and went off to explore.

After a few minutes Pixie was cautiously coming up to the wire dog crate to watch Rey, and a few minutes after that they were sniffing each other through the crate. Although Rey was excited he handled it brilliantly; no yapping or getting too much.

And for her part Pixie did great too! There was no fearful barking, and she even did some little huffs that were half-play and half nerves!

After less than five minutes we decided to let them meet with no barriers between them, as it was going so well.

We put a harness and longline on Rey, and Pixie had her harness on but no longline so they couldn’t get tangled as easily!

They were so good 🙂

Raiden was actually very polite in greeting her (okay, where is my dog, what have you done with the real Rey?!), and although Pixie was on her back belly up, she wasn’t overly frightened.

As the intro progressed Raiden began initiating play, but again nicely  – no jumping on her, barking at her etc. Pixie spent most her time on her back watching him, but if he ever moved away she would dart towards him to get attention back on her, then flip over again.

A few times right at the end she did her dart abouts and tried to initiate play, but then got a little too overwhelmed when Raiden played back.

I didn’t get photos until the very very end, and even then I only got two, but here are two puppies getting to  know each other 😀

These two are going to be best buds in no time, I hope 😉


5 thoughts on “Raiden meets Pixie :)

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  2. Oh well done Rey! What a little gentleman he is 😀 So proud for you guys, hopefully he will help get Pixie out of her shell more as time goes on 🙂

    • Thank you, we couldn’t believe it! He honestly didn’t put a foot wrong, I was so proud 🙂 I’m really hoping he will teach Pixie how to play and she will adore him, they’re both fairly similar ages and sizes so it should be a good match 🙂

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