Kitten photography

Not gonna write much as it’s gonna be a pic heavy post, but here are some photos from this morning’s antics 🙂


Pecan discovered the joys of watching out the window today 🙂

Looove this pic 🙂 ❤



This is Pecan!





Thanks for looking!

If you want to see any more of my photography, my favourite pics are on the ‘Photography’ page.


12 thoughts on “Kitten photography

    • Thank you – and I know, he’s so big and beautiful now ^__^

      Pecan’s my little loving goofball and Enzo’s my big majestic snugglebug haha 😀

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    • They’re hilarious to watch! Pixie’s so desperate to join in their play and they just won’t let her, I feel so sorry for her XD

    • Haha thank you 🙂 They have a cat room they stay in overnight with several cat trees, shelves and rugs on the walls to climb etc, and yet every time we go in in the morning it’s like an explosion – books and DVD cases all over the floor! Everyday we open the door excited to see their most recent masterpiece will be…they just go wild when they play and run into anything and everything 😀

      Is your kitty a boy or a girl? Do you know his breed? I really wasn’t a cat person before getting one, and then two, kittens…can’t imagine life without them now 🙂

      • How cute!! My grandma has over 20 cats and always has kittens because she can’t catch a stray to get her fixed. Lol. Mine looks like a calico / tabby mix. Her name is Judith – we have this running joke where we give all our cats human names.. Lol. We also have a Matt and a Janet. (-:
        Wish I could post a picture in the comments.

      • Oh I love Calicos! In Pecan’s litter there were some beautiful calico girls, and some gorgeous longhaired kittens too…I always joke with my partner that we ended up with the ugliest kitten in the litter hahaha, but we think he’s absolutely beautiful and he has the best personality 🙂

        I love the name Judith too. My bf’s parents had a kitten called Judy who turned out to be a boy, so is now renamed Rudy XD

        And WOW, twenty cats?! :O

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