A puppy, two kittens & Save Hank

After an update on Hank I wanted to share his plight on here, scroll to bottom for Save Hank info.

Well, I think the intro between Pixie and the kitties is pretty much complete now πŸ™‚

They were all three together for 2.5 hours today largely unsupervised, as in me and my partner were with them but not focusing on them.

We shuffled the room yesterday; partly thanks to tidying, partly to separate the room into two (for Kasper intros and so when we leave Pixie we can keep her away from wires, pets etc), and partly to give the cats more higher areas where they can feel safe from the dog.

Enzo especially really appreciated the covered dog crate the cats could go on, although it was a huge hit with Pecan too.

Pecan also loved going IN the dog crate…and eating the dog kibble in there πŸ˜€

Pecan actually got Pixie in the wire crate for the first time!

Enzo came down to the floor much more readily today, and was more willing to get close to Pixie. Pixie understands Enzo needs more room than Pecan does after he fluffed and hissed at her hahaha.

Even after that he was still confident going close though, and as Pixie chilled on my lap (her choice) Enzo would walk around the arms and along the back of the chair we were sat on.


As the boys were downstairs so long, Pixie was able to totally calm down and spent a good hour chilling on my lap πŸ™‚


We fed the boys down here and Pixie was very respectfuln even though she thought the food smelt GREAT. Once they were done eating she climbed onto her lookout station and finished the last few blobs πŸ™‚

Enzo isΒ thriving btw ^__^

He is active, cuddly, grows more everyday, loves his food, and he feels so big and heavy now – he was *tiny* when he first came home!


Then I made Pixie some grub (she’s eating better everyday) and she shared leftovers with Pecan the Pig XD

By the last hour the boys were doing the usual kitteny things; darting about, leaping, play fighting…Pixie was able to calmly watch or sleep through it all on my lap πŸ™‚

Here they are energetically playfighting right next to her as she watches:

At one point Pecan was right by Pixie’s bum, getting fuss and purring, and he just walked across Pixie’s back hahaha.

Enzo also discovered his all time favourite place to sit, looking out the window, whereas Pecan had absolutely zero interest πŸ˜›


We had another fab walk with Pixie today.

We have a new way to get her out the house – my partner stands as far from the door as possible, holding the lead in the opposite direction to where Pixie needs to go, and I sit outside and sing. Pixie wants to come out to me, there’s no pressure, and she can take her time ^__^

She really enjoyed her walk, and was strutting and sniffing about with something close to confidence!

One time she paused – ONE TIME! – and she did great at seeing a cyclist loop about us and a dog walking away from us πŸ™‚

And we left her alone in the house for the third time today. We’ve worked up to leaving her for eight minutes, and when we watched the recording upon return she was chilling on the armchair for 6 minutes XD

Buuuut…theΒ best thing that happened today… *drum roll*

Today, on day 8, Pixie girl climbed onto my partner’s knee for the FIRST TIME EVER!!!


Over. The. Moon πŸ™‚ ❀

*edited to add*

I’m sure you have all heard about the campaign to Save Hank.

Hank is a young SBT cross breed. He is a much loved and adorable boy, and he has no history of aggression.

A few weeks ago Hank’s owners (who love him greatly) returned home to find a note on their door. Hank had been taken from his home (by four dog wardens and almost a dozen police officers, some wearing riot gear) and was being imprisoned in kennels for being a dog ‘of type’ ie. an American Pit Bull Terrier.

Hank has been locked away by Belfast City Council for two weeks now. He hasn’t been walkedΒ once in that time, and his owners are not allowed to visit him – Belfast City Council are claiming they are refusing this because it would ‘upset’ Hank!!!

Hank’s owners are obviously devastated about this – can you imagine coming home to your furkid being essentially stolen, and knowing you might never see him again?!

Please sign the petition to bring Hank home:


They are also needing to raise legal fees, if you can and want to donate, see this link:


If you go on the ‘Save Hank’ facebook page (managed by his owners) you can see updates and get a link to Belfast City Council’s page, where you can leave them a negative review.

All help is appreciated!


2 thoughts on “A puppy, two kittens & Save Hank

  1. I live just a bit outside of Belfast and I am totally disgusted at this, I’ve been following the case since it started and I can’t even imagine how devastated the owners are 😦 We have signed the petition and shared it and me and Bonnie went to the BSL Rally recently to raise awareness and money for Hank. But I worry it’s not going to be enough as I feel they are going to try to deem him as dangerous because his behaviour will be less than ideal after 2 weeks of no exercise, mental stimulation or company 😦

    • I’m not sure which way it will swing either…

      The council posted an update on their page which states that ‘the council has been able to return ten out of the eleven dogs it has found to be pit bull types to their owner’, but it all seems wishy washy with Hank. The fact they won’t speak to Hank’s owners anymore, he was assessed by the same person who said Lennox must be euthanised, and they have already referred to Hank as been ‘aggressive’.

      I mean, it doesn’t take much knowledge or understanding of dogs to appreciate a seized dog, kept in a strange environment and surrounded by strangers, might be acting just a little off due to stress!!! I mean bloody hell, I dread to think how much they’d think Kasper was aggressive if they did that to him, and Kasper’s never been aggressive to a stranger ever!

      And yep, that’s not even factoring in the lack of love or exercise…very sad indeed 😦

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