Pixie…is a DOG!

Who knew?!

We have an actual dog today, doing doggy things ๐Ÿ™‚

Gone is the nervous wretch who spent all her time trembling, making herself small, and avoiding eye contact.

In her place there’s a little cutie who wanders around quite happily, spends most her time sleeping on my lap, and gets excited when she sees the cats.

She chews her toys whenever she pleases.ย She doesn’t bolt and cower when we come down the stairs, and she takes treats from my partner. She’s learning sit, eye contact, and that training is fun!

Oh –ย and she’s getting a waistline!!!

Do we have a long way to go? Well, yeah. But the difference in one week is amazing ๐Ÿ˜€

On her second walk of the day Pixie stood and watched a man pass us no more than 10ft away, and she didn’t tremble or tuck her tail ^__^

There are still many, many times she’s scared.

When we approach her, leaving the house, going down narrow walkways, things passing close by on walks, hearing people talking from houses, having her harness put on, having the lead put on or taken off (especially on collars), my partner, the rabbit – the list is endless.


Today was day three or four of introducing Pixie to the kitty bro’s.

If you remember, the first time she saw them, she trembled immediately, and every time a kitten would look at her she would roll and show her belly.

Now she gets extremely excited when the kitties appear (we let them come down themselves and don’t force them), and she tries to initiate play!

She will whine and wag her little curly tail, and when she gets really excited she will spin in circles and run around me!!

She’s brilliant at not chasing them so far, and very calm when the boys let her sniff them. She’s not obsessed with them, and appreciates when I tell her how good she’s doing – usually she comes over and I get to give her scritches ๐Ÿ™‚

Today we didn’t clip a lead on her, because everyone is doing so well, and Enzo even graced us with his presence and came down onto the floor to check her out!

If I haven’t mentioned, Enzo HATES Pixie hahaha! He sits on top of the cat tree where he’s safe and just growls at her bwahaha. Not much growling at all today though, apart from when he was on the floor ๐Ÿ™‚

Pecan on the other hand tends to ignore her, and if she gets too close he usually fluffs himself up and hisses.

Sometimes he will go up to her and they will touch noses, or if Pixie’s doing something else she’ll catch his interest and Pecan will go in for a closer look.


Tomorrow we want to begin intro’ing Pixie to Kasper.

I’m going to separate the entire room with sections of pen, and keep half covered so Pixie has somewhere she can go hide without Kasper sniffing her out and staring at her!

Pixie is extremely scared of other dogs on walks, so Kasper’s intro will have to go very s-l-o-w-l-y.


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