Harness for Pixie :)


Before I type anything else, I want to say that Pixie smushed up against my partner for the first time today!


He got his first Pixie strokes today 🙂

One of the huge problems I have with collars is how easily dogs can sli out of them, especially dogs with small heads!

The collar we have on Pixie now is as tight as it can comfortably be – you can *just* fit two fingers under it. But still when we walk her and she pulls homeward or bolts, I worry because her head is so small.

Then there’s the added worry of her damaging her neck (especially as she often bolts if something startles her).

Today I dragged out the smallest EzyDog Quick Fit harness we own, a Small I think. It *just* fits her, as in it’s really too big but it’s good to get her used to wearing one.

I mentioned buying Pixie a new EzyDog in the XS size, and my partner said we could in a few weeks when we knew what was happening with her.

Fair enough.

Then he went out with Kaspgetrnhjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj

(I like to think that was Pixie speaking in my defence XD)

Anyway yeah, he went out with Kasper and I looked on amazon Prime, and there was a camo pink XS EzyDog for £19 with only 2 left in stock…so I just had to order it.

Hopefully he won’t be too annoyed, he rarely is but I know he wants to be very cheap atm.

I’m hoping that the camo one we have now, that she’s wearing and is a bit too big, is indeed a size Small…they’ll probably let me return it if the one that arrives tomorrow isn’t the right size though, right?!

Putting the harness on Pixie was scary for her, but I just wanted to get it done. She did much better than I expected, but she was close to shutting down again…still a million times better than Zoey haha, and she’s already lying on my lap sleeping whilst wearing it 🙂


One of our struggles atm is getting the lead on her collar for walks – it’s not very nice having someone you’re already scared of reaching for your neck and having to fiddle there!

We’ve tried leaving a short lead on her collar 24/7, so for walks we can just attach a second short lead to the handle of the lead on her collar, but that causes problems too.

The main problem is the trailing lead making noise as it brushes against things, or gets caught and drags toys toys etc – for an already nervous dog this is extra scary!

And on top of that at night, a few times we’ve rolled on the lead as we sleep, and accidentally pinned Pixie somewhere!!!

With a harness not only should attaching a lead be less stressful, as it’s reaching for the mid-back over the neck, but I can probably slip the lead on easily as she sleeps on my lap too 🙂

*edited after first test!*

Getting the lead on was sooo easy, Pixie didn’t even open her eyes 😀

She was scared initially by the new feel of wearing a harness out on a walk, and was trembling more than usual for the first 15 minutes, but she was fine after that and just as confident (for her).

Success so far, now let’s hope I picked the right size for the harness tomorrow!


We went upstairs with the cats together for 20 minutes today, leaving Pixie downstairs on her own. This is how we have been building up leaving her since day 3, and we record her each time.

She ignored the jerky we gave her (but she almost always enjoys any meals or chews we give her!) but, after less than four minutes pootling, she climbed onto our armchair and spent the last 14 minutes sitting there, dozing 🙂 ❤

Hopefully that’s a sign that she will eventually be able to cope with being left.


8 thoughts on “Harness for Pixie :)

    • Thanks.

      A lot of the time it feels like one step forward and two steps back, but I think it’s just because it’s so easy to expect too much of her…like, oh she sleeps on my lap now, why is she still scared of me sometimes when she approaches? Or why did she do so much better on the last walk, but on this one she’s trembling and doesn’t want to move? Stuff like that…but then I make myself remember what she was like just a few days ago, and I see the progress she really has made.

      I’ve been getting a LOT of people online telling me to just keep her or rehome her, don’t let the lady have her back etc it’s making my head swim…surely there’s no way I can force the lady to give Pixie up?! I mean, it’s not like Pixie was *abused*…she was owned badly and roughly, yes, but she wasn’t physically beaten. And I don’t have any power over her. And could I realistically keep her? Ack, such a muddle.

      I think my stress levels are slowly building haha so sorry for this ramble XD

      • Awk no I don’t mind the ramble lol it’s definitely difficult with shy and fearful dogs as there is always a sense of expectation – like I’m doing everything right and it’s still not helping straight away or like you said its kinda like how come you cant cope with this when you could yesterday kind of thing.
        I’m not sure on the situation, it’s a bit of a difficult one. I don’t think you should worry about it too much at the minute as it won’t be for another while yet. Since the woman is away for health reasons if I remember rightly? Then maybe you could suggest to keep looking after her for a while when she gets home so she can focus on recovering? Just a suggestion but please don’t let it stress you out too much, just focus on the now and all the good change you’re making in her life 🙂

      • Thank you SO much for this, I felt like a bit of a tit after leaving that comment so thanks for being so understanding ❤

        That's just it!! That thought of 'but you rocked this a few hours ago, why is now different?!' And when you're trying *so* hard and being so gentle, and it's still not good enough…ah, it is nice to be understood by other scaredy pup mums XD

        I think part of it as well is that Kasper was fearful when we adopted him at 9 months, but he was very much a 'normal' dog as his fear was with strangers and he warmed to us quickly. He loved his walks, he loved playing tug, and within a day or two he loved us, because we learned what he was scared of. Whereas with Pixie, she's terrified of her walks, she plays a few times a day but doesn't understand *how* to play, so games last a few seconds and then she looks worried or confused, she's scared of everything and at random times…and I just want to rush to the point where I can stroke her all the time and pick her up and cuddle her, and we're close now and I just want to be there XD

        Like now she's woken up really wanting to play, and is doing her little huffs to ask me to play with her…but we can't actually play because she doesn't understand and it makes her worried!!!!

        Yes, the woman's been in and out of hospital for some time I think, but I still don't know what's wrong with her. I think we're going to phone the lady's sister today with the pretension of telling her how Pixie is doing, but slip in and ask how her sister is and what's wrong XD I also love the suggestion of offering to help when she's back home but recovering, as it gives us a bit more time!

        Thanks again 🙂

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